Can I bring a backpack on TAP Portugal?

Before you pack your bags for the trip, take a break and think that are you even allowed to carry the things you are packing. Will TAP Portugal let you have a lot of baggage, and how strict is TAP Portugal on baggage before you start packing your bags? Make sure you know everything related to your baggage that you have to take to TAP Portugal. Sometimes, you have taken things to the Airport that have been rejected at the time of check-in, and you cannot take them with you any further. In that case, you have no choice but to leave those things behind. But if you are fully prepared for it, and you don't carry the things that could be rejected at the time of check-in, you can save your stuff and time as well.

The things that you can bring on TAP Portugal as carry-on luggage:

Isn't it great that you are packing your bags and not having a fear of rejection at the TAP Portugal baggage check-in? If you know the things you can carry on the plane, your journey will be sorted, and you will have a wonderful trip without any worries. The stuff that you can carry on TAP Portugal is listed below:

  • You can take a backpack, a handbag, and a computer case.
  • The handbags should not have other stuff for transportation and should be lightweight.
  • Musical Instruments such as Guitar or a violin. Short instruments are more likely to be allowed. 
  • You can also carry your laptops and a handful of books to read on the flight.
  • You can carry a maximum of 10 kg of hand baggage in the Economy and Executive class to all destinations.
  • You can have Binoculars and cameras on the flight.

How many bags are allowed on TAP Portugal?

Knowing how many bags you should pack before you leave for the Airport is helpful. Otherwise, you will have to face many problems even before the trip starts. Make a note of every detail listed below and pack your bags accordingly:

  • If you are traveling with a basic ticket on Intercontinental flights, you will be eligible for luggage that should not exceed 23 kg.
  • While traveling with a classic ticket, you can carry only one bag up to 23 kg between Mainland Portugal and the Islands, Europe and Morocco, and Intercontinental Flights.
  • It will remain the same with a plus ticket between Europe and Morocco flights. But for Mainland Portugal and the Islands and Intercontinental flights, you can carry two bags each of up to 23 kg of weight.
  • With an Executive flight ticket, you can carry two bags of up to 32 kg of weightage each on three of the flights.
  • The Top Executive ticket, it is the same as the executive ticket. Carry two bags of 32 kgs of weightage each on all three flights.

Does TAP Air Portugal charge for checked baggage?

Yes, Tap Air Portugal charges for checked baggage, and it is different for each and on each flight. You should consider the TAP Portugal baggage fees so that you will be prepared and informed about the things that could come your way. 

How much does TAP Portugal charge for baggage?

The one thing that you need to add to the list before leaving for the Airport is what TAP Portugal checked baggage cost below are the charges that the Airline will ask for according to your ticket type and destination. Pick the one under which category you are coming to know the charges you have to pay for your checked baggage:

  • One bag with 23 kg of weightage is free in economy class.
  • In Executive Class, two bags of 23 kg are free.
  • If the baggage allowance limit exceeds, you have to pay €70 to €75 for European and €85 to $106 for International Flights.

How much is extra baggage with TAP?

If the bags that have been allowed to you by TAP Portugal are not enough, you can have the extra baggage with you by paying the charges. TAP Portugal charges for the extra baggage differently depending on the ticket and flights. Below are some of the charges mentioned through which you can have an idea of what are the charges that TAP Portugal has for the extra baggage:

  • For North Africa, Portugal, and Spain flights you have to pay €30 to €75 depending on your class. And it is €45 to €85 if you check in online.
  • For France, Belgium, Germany, and Ireland, it is €39 to €80, and for online check-in, it is €59 to €90.
  • For Intercontinental flights, the charges are €75 to €160, and for the online check-in, it is €95 to €200.
  • TAP Portugal has different charges for various destinations and classes. You can gather their charges according to the class and destinations on their official website.

TAP Portugal Check-in:

After you have packed your bags with keeping all the necessary details in your mind, the next step you will approach is Check-in. You can check-in with both methods, Online or Offline, keeping all the details in mind so that you will not face any problems.

  • For the check-in at the Airport, it is necessary that you reach Airport 2 to 3 hours before your flight.
  • You can save time by check-in online. You just have to go to the official website of TAP Portugal, and through Manage Booking, you can check-in.
  • Your luggage in three dimensions should not exceed 62 inches, and carry-on luggage should be 45 inches.
  • Any disfigured luggage will not be acceptable, which could harm the other luggage too.
  • Poorly tied bags with rope or wire will not be accepted at the time of check-in.

All the things that are given above will be helpful for you whenever you are packing for your trip, and you do not want to face any issues, mainly with your luggage. As happens with most passengers, they face many problems at the Airport related to their luggage only because they don't know TAP Portugal's baggage policy and then have to go through a lot of things which make their trip less pleasant. In case you have other queries, you can contact the customer service of TAP Portugal.

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