Step by Step Guide on can I change my Singapore Airlines flight

Singapore Airlines is one of the growing airlines in the aviation industry and is considered to be becoming a brand gradually. It has a good hold on its passengers at the time of flying and at the time while they are on the ground as well, that is so because of the commitment they provide towards its services.

It believes in providing assistance to its passengers while they are flying and also at the time they need some assistance from their homes regarding the flights. If you have a booking with Singapore Airlines and you need to change it and the thought which pops up in your mind is can I change my Singapore Airlines flight, and then the below-mentioned points will help you with the same;

Via Official Website

You can easily make changes by visiting the official website of Singapore Airlines

  • Login or continue as a guest.
  • Locate and click on ‘Manage Booking’ on the homepage.
  • Input your booking reference or your E-ticket number and the last name which you have in your passport and click on ‘Manage Booking’
  • Once you do, it will showcase the flights you have for the future.
  • On the following page, you can easily make changes to your Singapore Airlines flight.

Thus, with the help of the above-mentioned steps one can easily resolve any queries they have regarding Singapore airlines change flights in a hassle-free manner.

The fee to make changes on Singapore Airlines Flights

The fee which you’ll have to pay to make any changes on Singapore Airlines is as mentioned below;

  • If you cancel your non-refundable ticket with Singapore airlines after 24 hours of making a booking or if there are less than 7 days to your departure, in that case, you’ll only be provided with the refund of the taxes you paid, rest of the amount will be deducted as cancellation fee.
  • To make slight changes in your flight, like the name changes, date of the flight changes, or any major changes like no show or for changing the class for your flight, the amount may vary from a range of 25 dollars to 300 dollars.

Thus, with the help of the above-mentioned points, one can easily get an idea about the topic of Singapore airlines to change fee and can make changes accordingly in a hassle-free manner and at their own convenience. An individual can then keep in mind a certain set of points so that it does not create havoc after making a booking.

How can I change my flight date at Singapore Airlines?

Being the flag carrier of Singapore, Singapore Airlines endeavors to provide a comfortable travel experience to its guests. The airline is highly appreciated for its onboard facilities and online amenities that it provides its travelers by charging genuine fees. Singapore Airlines allows you to cover several scenic destinations with its significant fleet size and commendable customer service. 

Singapore Airlines customer service is 24*7 available, and one can extract the best-fitting solution using this number. The airline's customer service is very agile and provides professional advice to rescue you out from the most demanding situations.

Easy steps to reschedule flight at Singapore Airlines

The primary intent of the airline is to provide an effortless and luxurious travel experience to the passengers. Singapore Airlines tries its best to cater to the needs and requirements of the travelers by leveraging them with several amenities. One of the best things to consider about Singapore Airlines is its online booking management facilities that allow the ticket holders to make amendments on their own. If you also need to reschedule your Singapore Airlines booking, then follow the given steps:

  • Use your search engine to visit the official site of Singapore Airlines.
  • On the homepage, you get a blank text body.
  • To manage the dates of your flight, click on the Manage Booking option.
  • Fill in the required details, including your Ticket Booking Number and Last Name; click on the Submit button after filling in the details.
  • On the next page, you can extract the details of your already booked flight; 
  • Next, you can notice the details of your flight.
  • Now choose the Edit link given on the page to change the dates of your existing flight.
  • Change the date of your flight and follow further formalities to complete the editing.
  • Singapore Airlines might need you to pay some additional charges to reschedule your flight.
  • Choose your preferred method to pay the applicable charges after entering your payment credentials. 
  • An invoice will be generated listing the changes in your flight.

Once you comply with all the given steps, you can reschedule your flight to a new date on your own. The online booking management facility is provided by the airline to make sure you reach your destination seamlessly. However, you can contact the Singapore Airlines customer service phone number if you face any problem rescheduling your flight online. Put your faith in Singapore Airlines services and make your next vacation plan with the airline as soon as possible.


Official website:

Regarding change or cancel a booking:

Customer service: 1 (800) 742-3333

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