Can I Change the Name On Flight Ticket to Air France?

Air France allows the passenger to make corrections in the name. The passenger can request the correction, where you can enter your incorrect name. It is impossible to make a complete name change since the Airline does not allow changing the whole. You can pursue the steps underneath if you need to change your name to 1-2 characters on the flight ticket if you want to change your full name for a new reservation. 

The Air France name change policy gives the customers peace of mind when correcting a mistake on their flight tickets or being required to update their name during the mid-travel. The name change process is hassle-free and charges a minimal fee. This post will cover all the rules and regulations related to name correction and much more. Read further. 

Air France Name Change Rules and Policy

According to the Air France name change policy, the Airline allows changes in the customer's name, surname, middle, or any combination. This procedure applies to the cases where the passenger legally changes it further: 

  • Other than legal circumstances, the Airline does not allow the passenger's name to change to another passenger after it is booked, as the ticket is nonrefundable. 
  • To change the ticket ownership, the passenger must request the flight's cancellation and rebook it with a new passenger's details. 
  • The passenger's full name and last name must be used when making the flight booking and purchasing the flight tickets. 
  • Only the name correction fee is charged if you have a minor correction to the misspelled name. 
  • Any legal name change due to marriage or divorce requires supporting documentation, including the: Marriage certificates, Divorce decree, Court Order, and the Legal affidavit for the name change.
  • The Airline does not allow the name correction for the agreement flights.  

How much does it cost to change the name of Air France? 

The Airline does not charge the Air France name change fee if the passenger corrects the name at least 30 hours before the departure of Air France. However, if you're correcting your name after the above deadlines, you may need to pay the amount ranging from USD 20 – 50 to get the name change. 

Method of Air France change name on the flight tickets

The Airline knows the consequences of the wrong name change, allowing the passenger to remain relaxed by making a few modifications. The policy enables easy-to-follow procedures for the customers who received flight tickets with incorrect names. The Airline provides the option of calling customer service.  Or else, the passenger can visit them at the airport and make changes to their name.

The steps to modification of the name are described in detail below:

Air France name change online procedure

Passengers can request the name change online through the manage my booking section. Air France's name change fee and the fare might be applicable at the time of change. Follow the steps below to request the name change: 

  • Visit the Air France site and go to the My Bookings section.
  • Add the reservation number, PNR, and passenger's last name in the given field. 
  • Select the passenger's name that needs to be changed or corrected.
  • Select the 'right passenger's name' option and enter the correct name in the required field. 
  • Complete the payment and the Airline will send the updated passenger's name confirmation email.  

Thus, this is all about the Air France name change procedure and the policy. In addition, if you need further assistance, you can dial the contact number, speak to the customer service team, and get the required help.

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