Changing Your Name on Wizz Air: A Guide to the Name Change Policy

Changing your name on an airline ticket can be necessary for various reasons, including a typo for the duration of booking, marriage, or other personal situations. If you're flying with Wizz Air, one of Europe's leading low-cost airways, you can wonder if changing your name on a reservation is feasible. This blog will discover Wizz Air name change policy terms and conditions and the associated costs.

Wizz Air's Name Change Policy

Wizz Air acknowledges that passengers might also need to change their names on bookings, and they have a selected policy in the vicinity to house such requests. Let's delve into the key elements of their approach: 

  • Name Change Eligibility: Wizz Air allows passengers to change the name on their booking if it is a simple typo correction or if they have legally changed the name because of marriage or different reasons. This guarantees that passengers can rectify actual errors without predominant hassles.
  • Name Change Restrictions: It's essential to observe that not all name changes are allowed now. Wizz Air commonly does not allow names for tickets purchased as part of a set booking, promotional fares, or all through particular sale intervals. Be sure to check the precise fare rules associated with your ticket.

Whizz Air Name Correction

In cases where you want to correct a minor typo or mistake on your ticket, including a misspelling, Wizz Air frequently allows a one-time Wizz Air name correction freed from the fee. This is a valuable characteristic to ensure that minor mistakes result in manageable inconveniences.

Change Name Terms and Conditions

To successfully change your call on a Wizz Air reserve, you want to stick to specific terms and conditions: 

  • Documentation Required: To change your name, you commonly want to offer relevant documentation to guide the change. For instance, if you convert your call due to marriage, you should provide a marriage certificate. Ensure that your documentation is in order before starting the name change manner.
  • Timely Request: Wizz Air commonly requires passengers to request a name change at least forty-eight hours earlier than the scheduled departure time.
  • Contact Wizz Air: To request a named change, you may contact Wizz Air's customer service or go to their website.

Change Name Fees

Like most airways, Wizz Air has a name change fee for changing the name on a reservation. The fee can vary depending on numerous elements, including the route and how far in advance you are making the name change. Here are some key factors to keep in thoughts:

  • Fee Variability: The name change fee isn't always a fixed amount and can vary. It's important to check the current rate or contact their customer support.
  • Online vs. Airport: Generally, making the name change online is more fee-effective than doing it at the airport. If you need to change your name, try and do so online.


Changing your name on a Wizz Air reservation is possible. However, the Wizz Air name change has precise regulations, terms, and expenses. To effectively navigate the manner, ensure check eligibility, refer to terms and conditions, and be privy to the related prices. Contact Wizz Air's official channels for the most up-to-date details and help with your name change request.

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