How to change my name on my Air Arabia ticket?

Suppose you have booked with Air Arabia, and later you discover that the name on the ticket is printed wrong. It can happen due to a typing error, or in some cases, the passenger's name changed due to marriage or any other legal reason. The airline suggests to their passengers that the name of the passengers must match the government id. If, for some reason, your name is not according to the government id, you must rectify it before boarding the flight. You will be well informed about air arabia name correction till the end of this article.

Can I change the name on an Air Arabia ticket?

If you have made a mistake in your name while making a reservation, it can be rectified before you board the flight. However, the airline will allow you to change up to a maximum of only three characters in the name and surname if there is a legal reason. The passenger cannot transfer the possession of the ticket to another person. The passenger must be the same after the name change.  

How do I change my passenger details on Air Arabia? 

Now you know that Air Arabia allows its passenger to change the details mentioned in the ticket. You surely be interested in knowing about the air arabia name change process. However, you must remember while rectifying the mistake that the name cannot be changed to another person. Follow the points below to alter your name:

  • Visit the official page of Air Arabia.
  • Move to the "Manage my Booking" page's top left.
  • Provide the passenger's last name and booking reference code in the box and tap on retrieve booking to get the booking details.
  • Once you have the booking summary, go to the menu and select the name change option.
  • You will get an online form. Fill out the form with the previous name and then enter the name with the changes. 
  • You will have to attach a government document for proof and click next.
  • Get the payment options and pay the charges for the changes and submit.
  • The airline will modify your ticket and share the new ticket with your registered email id. 

What is the policy for the name change at Air Arabia?

If a passenger made a mistake in the name earlier and wants to rectify it now, they must read the air arabia name change policy and then make the changes accordingly. There are certain things that a passenger needs to keep in mind while they are applying for a name change. You can read the points to know the terms and conditions for the name change:

  • Passengers can change their name for free if the ticket is on hold and has not been paid yet. Once they pay for the ticket, the airline will charge a fee for the change depending on the destination they have booked their ticket for. 
  • The passengers must request the name change at least 24 hours before the flight's departure. 
  • Air Arabia does not allow their passenger to transfer the ticket to another person. The passengers can change a maximum of three letters in their name only.
  • The name of the passenger must match the government id after the change.
  • If there is a legal reason, Air Arabia allows the passenger to change their surname, but they must provide the necessary documents to the airline for that.

How much do I have to spend to change my name?

Air Arabia allows the passenger to change their name on the ticket per their policies for free if their ticket is on hold. If passengers have paid for the reservation and need to change some characters in the name will have to pay for the change. The airline will charge them between AED 350 to AED 900 for each person depending on the booked destination they are traveling to. Yes, the charges can differ from person to person as per their destination. 

How do I request a name change on the phone?

You may make a mistake in your name and want to rectify it to board the flight with Air Arabia easily. You can go to their official site and apply for the changes to the ticket; however, if you are confused and cannot do it. You can get a person from the airline on the phone and ask them to make the change to the ticket, and they will apply for changes on your behalf. Here is discussed how you can request a name change:

  • Dial 600508001 and connect the call.
  • You will first listen to a prerecorded voicemail from Air Arabia.
  • Wait for the voicemail to end, and a live person from the airline will join you.
  • Discuss your concern and tell them to change the name on the ticket.
  • Provide all the details and email a government id to the airline for proof.
  • You will get a payment link, make the payment, and the representative will share the new booking with the changes to your registered email id.


Passengers looking to change or modify their name on an Air Arabia ticket can read Thai articles to better inform themselves about the topic. If they wish to know more, visit the official site for more detailed information.  

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