Can you check-in online with China Eastern Airlines?

Yes, you can check-in online with China Eastern Airlines. In addition, if you booked China Eastern Airlines to make your trip, it will make your trip and traveling memorable. However, you can make your trip unforgettable because the Airlines can provide the best services to their passengers. In addition, you must make sure to check-in before the 30 days of departing the flight. When you are with family or friends, you all love to travel with them during the whole journey. Therefore, with that, save time online check-in, selecting the seat, and receiving the boarding pass. In addition, you can also do a china eastern airlines check-in before 150 minutes to 45 minutes (approx 2.5 hours) of the flying the flight from your destination’s airport. So, you must follow the check-in steps with the airlines online that you will see here. 

However, before knowing the steps of Check-in, you must have the knowledge of the check-in policy that you will see here. However, after going through the check-in policy of China Eastern Airlines and you will easily do the check-in online. Further, you will see that you will see the additional mode of check-in with the airline by the airport and through the mobile app of China Eastern Airlines.

China Eastern Airlines Check-in Policy

  • According to the China Eastern Airlines check-in policy, you must do the check-in 24 hours before the flight departing time.
  • In addition, the airlines allow check-in as long as before the flight time is 150 minutes to 45 minutes.
  • The airlines can allow only 23 kg and 158 cm of baggage or luggage. However, if the baggage weight exceeds the limit, airlines can’t allow it, or you have to pay additional fares.
  • Moreover, the airlines allow only three members in one ticket, not more than three members.
  • In addition, you can’t check-in online when you are doing the check-in with nine members at a time. So, you can do this check-in while arriving at the Airport.
  • There are no charges for the China Eastern Airlines Check-in.
  • However, you can select a seat from available seats while check-in if you can’t select your seat during reservation. Also, if you want to upgrade your seat, you can upgrade it while check-in by paying an additional fare.

Moreover, now you will get the process of Check-in with China Eastern Airlines online, and after that, you will see more ways of check-in with the airlines.

Steps of check-in Online with China Eastern Airlines

Moreover, if you want to do check-in online at China Eastern Airlines due to you are busy with some work or anything else and don’t waste your time, here are the steps from which you will do the process of check-in by the online method, here you will get some methods that you must pursue the following steps are:

  • Browse China Eastern Airlines on your browser or visit:
  • Look for the button on the Check-in.
  • However, you will see that there have two ways of check-in: "loyalty program number” and “booking reference and ticket no.” Therefore, you have to select from which you want to complete your check-in at China Eastern Airlines.

Moreover, if you click on the “booking reference and ticket no.”, enter the flight no. and booking reference; on the other hand, if you select “loyalty program number,” enter the loyalty program number’s name and enter the loyalty flight program number.

  • After that, continue by pressing the Check-in option.     
  • Select your seat from the chart board of the seat. 
  • And save it and move to the payment section.
  • Then, pay your amount for seat selection.

And after that, the airline will also send you the confirmation mail on your device and the boarding pass. In addition, after that, you must select the mode of getting the boarding pass. So, here you will see the modes of getting your boarding pass are:

  • Via Airport
  • By mail
  • On messenger Facebook
  • On your cell phone
  • In the form of a printout of the boarding pass in the letter seized form.

So, you will get your boarding pass and confirmation on your device. In addition, there is an additional mode from which you can also check-in by mobile app. You must follow the steps to check-in at China Eastern Airlines Flight.  In addition, there has also another mode of the check-in process, and that is through a mobile app and airport check-in.

Check-in with China Eastern Airlines through Mobile App

Launch the China Eastern Airlines mobile app>>> make a flight booking (you can also scan your passport instead of entering flight no.)>>>select seat or upgrade seat or add baggage or >>> receive boarding pass>>>the confirmation mail and text of check-in on your device.

Check-in with China Eastern Airlines via Airport

In addition, you can also check in with China Eastern Airlines via the airport. However, for that, you must visit the airport, and the airline will show you the chart of available seats from that you must select and also do check-in this way to reach the airport. In addition, you can also check-in before 2 hours of departing the flight from the airport of China Eastern Airlines.

How early can you check-in for a flight to China Eastern?

Moreover, you can check-in for a flight to China's Eastern Airlines by online and mobile app.  In addition, before scheduling the departure, you can check-in for a domestic flight within 24 hours and up to 45 minutes of flying. Also, on the other hand, you can check-in for an international flight within 24 hours to 90 minutes of flying. However, you can easily and earlier check-in with the China Eastern Airlines by check-in of the bags and seats.

How much baggage is allowed on China Eastern Airlines? 

Therefore, if you are taking the baggage at China Eastern Airlines, the china eastern airlines check-in baggage allowance for the international flight the airlines you will take only 30 kg while traveling. In addition, the airlines can allow for the baggage of China Eastern Airlines only for the domestic flights are 23 kg and 158 cm of the weight of China Eastern Airlines. However, if you are exceeding your baggage, the airlines can’t allow it on their airlines according to their check-in policy of China Eastern Airlines. 

In Conclusion, 

Hence, by the China Eastern Airlines check-in policy, the check-in process via the virtual method, airport way, and the mobile app mode. However, with that, you can easily check-in in virtual and physical mode. In addition, you can also do the check-in by IVR process of phone calling the customer service person of the airline. Thus, if you face any troubles while china eastern airlines web check-in, you can contact China Eastern Airlines through a phone call, email support, live chat, or social media support. In addition, you can also subscribe to them to get the latest and updated information. For more, you have to visit their page of China Eastern Airline and also set the notification of the latest facilities, offers, and discounts of the airlines. In addition, you can also link with them by sitting at any location.

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