How Can I Select My Seats On Virgin Atlantic Flight?

Virgin Atlantic is one of the British Airline which has made a special place among travelers. This airline is working to provide the best policy for its customers. It serves its passengers by providing them with the best of their interest. The air travel experience of this airline is a remarkable one and you can enjoy this on a comfortable flight seat.

Virgin Atlantic seat selection process

It allows everyone to reserve a flight according to the need of the air travel service. It allows everyone to reserve a seat in its flight through two of the most useful formats. It permits all its customers to use the seat selection for free with these methods.

Select Flight Seat Online

  • In the beginning, visit the official Virgin Atlantic online site by a web browser.
  • Here, select the My Bookings option and give all the login details to it.
  • Enter the Booking Reference or eTicket Number and complete passenger name.
  • Now, click on search and enter into this online section to use its service.
  • Use an official flight seating map to choose the available seats for you.
  • To end the process, pay the seat booking fee and gain confirmation for seat selection.

Keep in mind that you will get the seat only through the first come first serve format. By using this method you will be able to complete the Virgin Atlantic Seat Selection official process. This method allows you to choose the Virgin flight seat through a quick and online format.

Select Flight Seat Offline

  • To start with, launch the official Virgin official website through your browser.
  • From its homepage, select the Help & Contact option given in the support section.
  • Next, click on the Call Us link to open a new page where various contact numbers are inscribed.
  • Gain the helpline number for the country in which you need assistance and contact Virgin customer service.
  • Now, give him all the details about your booking and ask him about your desire to select a seat.

Pay the seat selection fee by following his guidance. Ask the Virgin Atlantic Customer Service representative through the calling method about any other vital information relevant to this. You should know that you will gain the seat selection chance only when you are eligible for it to use that according to your requirement.

In addition to other methods, you can also choose a method of selecting your seat during booking. If you still have any issues with the Virgin Atlantic seat reservations process, then use the available methods and contact the official customer service team to gain additional information about seat selection.



Regarding seat selection:

Customer service: 1 (800) 862-8621

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