Can I use KLM miles on Delta?

Delta and KLM: Royal Dutch Airlines give you admittance to additional advantages and a consistent travel insight while traversing the worldwide organization from start to finish. These two provide flexible booking approaches, miles, and other travel services. 

However, travel looks a little changed now, and most people have a query, "can I use KLM miles on Delta" indeed, you can use your miles in different ways. Did you know that KLM has Flying Blue miles as their ongoing flier program? If you get a few Flying Blue miles, perhaps the best use is booking a flight on their accomplice Delta Airlines.

Could I at any point use KLM miles on Delta: Rules/Policy

  • KLM miles apply on a minimum mileage of 750 Miles. For instance, flying 274 miles one-way on KLM marketing in T booking class as a traveler will get you 750 x 25% = 188 Flying Blue miles.
  • This earning miles also applies to those fares for which ticket costs cannot be retrieved. 

For what other reasons it will be used

Flying Blue is the dependability program of Air France, KLM, and a few accomplice airlines. Flying Blue has places of strength for offers to travelers, those who might be wondering can I use KLM miles on Delta, kindly follow the beneath details: 

  • Involving Flying Blue miles for grant flights is moderately basic. Numerous seats can be reserved via miles. 
  • You can use them to book and upgrade your seat. 
  • Other than a booking, you can transfer your miles to your friends so that they can also use them to make a booking. 

So, as we mentioned above, you can book your Delta flight by using the KLM miles; let's check more details on KLM miles and how you can use them to Book your Delta Flights. 

The process to use the KLM Miles to book a Delta flight

  • Booking a Delta flight with Flying Blue miles is simple. You can start the process by visiting the site.
  • On the home page, click on the Use Your Miles tab. If you're signed in, you'll see space to enter your flight details, finish those up and click Search.
  •  Check the details if you are searching for a flight around these dates box. 
  • This will carry you to a schedule that shows the most minimal cost in miles for each date. Select the date you need, then look down and click "Next, Select Flight." then enter your details and book.

The Bottom Line

While flying Blue as of late made changes to its program, it says an option in contrast to Deltas SkyMiles. Since Delta and Flying Blue both have variable award pricing, it merits contrasting the two projects' costs before reserving a Delta Flight. If you still want to know more about "can I use KLM miles on Delta" you can check the airline rules and policies or directly contact customer service for help. 

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