Can I use LATAM miles on Delta?

Sometimes, airlines provide the miles to their passengers, which they can use for future booking purposes. If a person has earned the LATAM Miles and is planning to visit someplace, he can book his flight with Delta Airlines by using LATAM Miles on his booking. Delta Airlines provides the option to earn and redeem the LATAM Miles on their flights to their travelers. You can review the information below for more about using LATAM Miles on Delta Airlines.

How can someone use the LATAM Pass Miles on Delta Airlines?

Passengers who made their reservation on Delta Airlines and earned some LATAM Miles can use it in their Delta Airlines reservation ticket. A passenger who is a Delta Amex Card Member with at least 5,000 miles is eligible to make the payment via Miles for booking the next Delta Airline flight. Passengers can use LATAM miles on Delta flight booking through two procedures via the airline's official website and its mobile application.

Read the below steps for using the LATAM Pass mile on Delta Airline booking via the official portal:

  • For the first step, you need to log in to your account on the Delta Airline website.
  • Then, you are required to search for your flights.
  • Now, you must choose your flight marked as pay using your miles.
  • Afterward, go to your booking summary page to "pay with LATAM miles."
  • Select this option and then enter your LATAM Miles number.
  • After that, you will redirect to another page.
  • Now, proceed with the further instructions, and then once your Delta Airline booking gets completed, you will get a reservation ticket confirmation on your official email id.

How can I earn Miles to use with future flight tickets?

In case a person wants to earn Delta miles on LATAM, which he wants to use at the time of flight booking so he can use these below-provided tips and guidelines:

  • Frequent Flyer: People who frequently travel with LATAM Airlines can earn Delta Miles since LATAM Airlines sometimes provides the facility to the passengers to earn miles on their every booking.
  • Membership: LATAM Pass Elite Members can earn miles on their reservation ticket, which they can use for future traveling with Delta Airlines. Passengers can earn more Delta Miles and exclusive benefits by becoming a LATAM Pass Elite Member.
  • Flight cancellation/ Delay: Sometimes, when the passenger's LATAM Flight gets canceled by the airline, then in some cases, LATAM Airlines offers the passenger to get miles as a reimbursement.
  • Compensation: If someone has lost his luggage or some property or wants compensation for his claim, then LATAM Airline may offer the passenger to earn miles.

What are some advantages of earning miles on LATAM Airline which you can use for future flight reservations?

When a person earns the LATAM Miles, then he also enjoys various LATAM benefits on Delta Airline flights, some of which are the following below:

  • Flight booking: Earning LATAM Airline miles will help the passenger to use it at the time of their next booking with any codeshare airline flight like Delta Airlines. Through the help of miles, passengers get a discount on their flights.
  • Seat Upgrade: When a person books his flight with miles, he will also benefit from a seat upgrade from economy to business premium and first class.
  • Extra baggage allowance and Priority baggage: With the help of earning miles, passengers can also get the opportunity to exceed the limit of their baggage and get priority baggage check-in for their flight.
  • Additional services: By booking a flight using miles can offer you additional services on your booking, which makes your trip more convenient; you can enjoy several benefits in the Airport lounge.
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