How do I book an extra seat on JetBlue?

Extra legroom in JetBlue airlines for maintaining social distancing

The travel industry has been among the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic as it continues to sweep the globe. Many of us are afraid of flying, yet it is sometimes inevitable, especially with the holiday season fast approaching.

JetBlue Airlines have taken steps to ensure that passengers feel comfortable while onboard, like blocking the middle seat to establish social separation. If you're returning to the skies but are still nervous about flying, here's an overview of JetBlue airline policy on extra seats and how to do JetBlue booking.

Reservations for Additional Seats

  • JetBlue allows all passengers to purchase an extra seat on a flight, and you can do so even online! Booking an extra seat is a reasonable choice for people who wish to be further away from other passengers, especially because the airline's flights are sold out up to 85 percent of the time.
  • With a few extra clicks, you may book an extra seat next to you (or even block out entire rows) whether you want additional physical distance from other passengers or you're toting a huge musical instrument. 
  • As you proceed through the checkout process, fill out the traveler details. After that, purchase and select your seats from the chart as usual. Let’s get into the detailed procedure. 

How do I reserve more JetBlue seats?

  • Include the number of empty seats you'd want in the number of passengers when searching for a flight. (Select 2 Adults if you're traveling alone and want the seat next to you blocked.) Select 2 Adults and 1 Child if you're traveling with a child.)
  • From the search results, choose your flights. All tickets must be booked in the same fare option, including the extra seats. 
  • Continue to the traveler details page and fill in the information for Traveler 1 as well as any further passengers. For all remaining ‘Travelers,' select the checkbox for ‘This is an empty seat for.'
  • When you tick that option, you'll get a dropdown menu that lets you choose which traveler will sit next to the empty seat, as well as a tick that lets you know if the seat is for a musical instrument.
  • Continue with seat selection, selecting your seats from the seat map for each flight on your itinerary, including the extra seats. You may choose extra seats next to you, in front of you, and/or behind you for the purpose of physical separation. Seat distancing may have already been prohibited in some seats. 

Please keep in mind that if there are no adjacent seats available for the extra seat(s) on the seat map, you may have to start the booking process over and choose a different trip. As a reminder, most middle seats on larger airplanes and most aisle seats on smaller planes are currently banned until December 1, 2020. For further assistance contact JetBlue customer service

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