Can I Change the Name on the Spirit Airline Ticket?

You planned a trip with your family and booked the tickets on Spirit Airlines. But, you made an error while writing the name in the respective boxes due to the excitement. Spirit Airlines does not provide access to change the full name, although there could be a possibility to do the modification in the passenger's name. Spirit Airlines has its policy, terms, and conditions according to which the Airline works. Before the name change of the passenger, you will go through all the guidelines regarding this. Some of the procedures are mentioned here; have a look: 

Policies for changing a passenger name

Humans are non-error prone; mistakes can happen while booking a ticket. If you booked the flight with Spirit Airlines, you might need to know about the Spirit Airlines name change policy. The airline’s policy for changing the name is described below:

  • There are restrictions regarding the name corrections. You can only correct the three characters in your first, middle, or last names. 
  • Spirit Airlines allows passengers to modify their name if they have undergone any legal name change. You are eligible for this condition but must show the documentation proof to Spirit Airlines.
  • If a minute change in the passenger name needs to be done, then there are changes; you may be considered a free name change.
  •  If you start changing within 24 hours of booking the ticket, it will cost you no charges.

These policies ensure that you have some flexibility in correcting or changing the name on your Spirit Airlines flight ticket. However, knowing the specific conditions and timeframes associated with name changes is essential to avoid any inconvenience during your travel.

The process through which you can change your name on the ticket

Spirit Airlines mainly offers two modes of name-changing process. Here's how you can change your name on a Spirit Airlines ticket, either online or offline:

Change your name on Spirit Airlines’ ticket through online mode

Online mode is available for passengers who want to opt for the feature's availability 24/7. Follow the steps:

  • Navigate to the website of Spirit Airlines. 
  • Visit the Manage Booking tab. 
  • Give all your booking details in the boxes that appear on the screen. 
  • Go for the booking option that flashes on the net. 
  • You will see the Edit option; click on it. This will provide you with the facility to make changes to your name.  
  • After correction, you will get the e-copy of your updated ticket in a reasonable time. 

Change your name on Spirit Airlines’ ticket through offline mode.

In the offline mode, you can call the customer service number of Spirit Airlines to get assistance. The Airline typically being available to offer its support to the passengers. If the online method doesn't work for you or you prefer an offline approach for Spirit Airlines change the name on the ticket, follow these steps: 

  • From your mobile phone, dial 1-855-728-3555 to connect with one of the airline's representatives.
  • As your call connects with the executive, explain your name change request.
  • The representatives are well-trained and experienced. They will assist you in making the necessary corrections or changes to your ticket.
  • If there are any extra charges (if applicable), you must pay them.
  • After the payment, you will receive an updated message from the airline. 

How much does Spirit charge to change the name on a ticket? 

If you have filled in incorrectly while booking, you can correct it by paying some money. But there are some conditions under which you can correct your name by paying Spirit Airlines name change fee on their website. Spirit Airlines' charges for name changes are based on the rules the authority decides. Name correction up to three letters comes under no charges, but if the error in the name is more than three characters, then there is an amount between 70- 150 USD that you will have to pay. These fees are subject to change. We recommend contacting Spirit Airlines' customer service team for the most up-to-date fee information. They will provide you with the latest fee details when needed.

Can you switch a plane ticket to someone else's name, Spirit?

No, Spirit Airlines has no facility where one passenger can switch a plane ticket to someone else’s name. But if you are in a situation where you have to change a plane ticket with someone else, then you can contact Spirit Airlines and make them aware that a Spirit Airlines transfer ticket is needed for your condition. Hope they can assist you with the necessary help you need. 


Mistakes in writing the name are prevalent, but online booking could create chaos. While booking the flight tickets, you must be very careful with all the details. Because at the time of document verification, if your information does not match, you might not be eligible to get on board. You can also go through the above data to gather knowledge about changing the name in the ticket. You can visit the official website or call the airline for more detailed information. 

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