How to Apply for the Flight Refund on the Air New Zealand?

At the time when all the flights were shut and people had to cancel their bookings because of it, then Air New Zealand updated its flight policies for the people. If you decide to travel by New Zealand, then you can take the help of these updated policies and get a refund on those flights that are canceled.

Flight Refund Rules on Canceled Flights

 It’s going to be one complete year since Coronavirus bombarded the entire world but still, a lot of countries continue to be under strict lockdown. And similarly, if you have flight reservations in the New Zealand Air then you can check their revised Air New Zealand ticket refund rules.

  1. As more and more people are canceling their flight reservations, you can also cancel your bookings and later apply for the refund through credit. The exact date till which you can apply for the credit is June 2022.
  2. Moreover, you can redeem that flight voucher for next year to make a fresh booking which is June 2023.
  3. You can apply for the flight credit on both domestic and international flights under Air New Zealand.
  4. For the flight cancelation, refund, or changes you can approach the official website of the airline or simply call on the helpline number of the airline.
  5. In case the flight reservation was made via a travel agent, then contact the travel agent of the airline.

Steps To Apply for the Flight Refund

Online Process

You can simply apply for the flight refund on New Zealand Air by going on the website of the airline and then filling out the refund form. You can fill out all the details related to the booking and then apply for a refund.

Call on the Helpline Number

You can also call on the helpline number 1 (800) 262-1234 of the airline and then apply for the compensation looking through the Air New Zealand refund policy.


Customer service: 1 (800) 262-1234

Delivery tracking: 011 64 800 747 777

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