How to put Emirates flights on hold for 72 hours?

An emirate is the largest airline and flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). An emirate was founded on 25 March 1985 about 36 years ago. An emirate is the world’s fourth-largest airline by scheduled revenue per passenger-kilometer flown. Emirates Believes in Providing Best Services to Its Customers.

Hold an Emirates flight for 72 hours

Hold my fare is a kind of feature provided by Emirates to the passenger that allows you to hold your reservation for 72 hours. This means that Emirates holds my fare if your reservation is completely secure on that particular flight and you need to pay any extra charges if the charges increase until you book your flight. One can pay for your flight during the 72 hours time period with your booking number and name.

One can simply hold your Emirates tickets after choosing the hold my fare option at the payment page whenever you reach the payment page after entering your flight details. One has to be required to pay your reservation fee by entering your card details and you can only use this option for economy class on Emirates.

Emirates hold my booking

No, it doesn't offer a hold my fare selection on every flight as you can only get it to reserve a fare for the economy class on Emirates flights. You can basically make use of this service up to 24 days after the scheduled departure of the flight; one can check the official website of Emirates Airlines.

How can I get a hold of Emirates flight?

  • Emirates has rolled out a scheme that allows every potential customer to hold their booking for 72 hours.
  • Firstly one has to go to the official emirates website through your web browser.
  • Start the booking process and enter the details about departure and arrival at the airport.
  • Next, choose your travel dates and the total number of travelers for your journey.
  • Once have visited the check-out stage and selected the hold my fare option, it will reserve your current flight fare for 72 hours.

What if I don't buy a flight within 72 hours?

If you don't buy the flight that you have chosen under hold my fare then your reservation will be cancelled automatically and you will be charged the reservation fee that you quoted while using hold my fare on

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