Is it Possible to Hold a Reservation at United?

United Airlines is a major airline and covers several international and domestic destinations with its significant fleet size. The airline endeavors to provide a memorable flight experience to its travelers by leveraging several online facilities and amenities. One such facility is the new concept of reservation hold, which gives the passengers a sigh of relief.

United Airlines hold a flight facility that can be a beneficial flight facility for travelers who still need time to think over their reservations. So, if you want to reserve a seat but skip the payment section, you can do so on United Airlines effectively.

Things to know about United Airlines Reservation Hold Facility

  • United Airlines has introduced the FareLock facility, which can help the customers put a hold on their reserved United Airlines flight. With FareLock's effectiveness, you can reserve a seat now on any of the United Airlines flights but pay later for the purchase. Keep reading the further mentioned points to hold flight at United Airlines using the FareLock:
  • Visit the official United Airlines website and follow all the instructions for booking a flight.
  • After choosing a suitable flight for your journey, look for the FareLock logo given next to the fare option.
  • Proceed further to purchase the FareLock in the Purchase Options shown on the Review Trip Itinerary page.
  • Once you purchase the FareLock, you can hold your reservation for a given period.
  • If you wish to continue with your itinerary, you can visit the Manage Reservations section and pay the applicable charges before the hold session expires. A traveler can also benefit from the auto-purchase facility, which completes the payment automatically as the FareLock hold period ends.
  • But, if you do not want to discontinue your itinerary, you can cancel the reservation before the FareLock hold expires.
  • To make your booking procedure even untroubled, the airline sends you a reminder email at least 24 hours before the expiry of the FareLock hold limit.

FareLock Reservations Hold terms and conditions-

There are some reservation hold terms and conditions to keep in mind before you use the United Airlines hold flight facility:

  • FareLock is available only on the United Airlines website and for flights operated by United and United Express only.
  • The service charge and fees of FareLock are non-refundable and are counted separately from the purchased ticket price.
  • A traveler can use FareLock to hold the itinerary for three, seven, or 14 days, depending on the time limit required to make a decision.

Getting a FareLock depends on the availability and if you need to make any changes or refund in your held reservation, you can do so using United’s 24-hours flexible booking policy. So, if you want to hold a flight at United Airlines, then you need to be quick and, if possible, take the United Airlines customer service assistance to make a more precise decision.

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Regarding Farelock reservations hold visit:

Customer service: 1-800-864-8331

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