Guide to Hold Reservations on Delta flight


Have you made reservations on Delta Airlines, but due to any reason you wish to put them on hold? Well, the airline does let you that, however, putting reservations on hold could be a tricky task. But worry as there are some ways to hold your Delta bookings without any hassle. Besides, this also applies to both regular (or no-award) and award flights (or bookings made via Delta miles) tickets.

Therefore, read this post further and get to about the information to Hold Delta Airlines Flight Tickets. Plus, if you do not find the discussed information here helpful, then feel free to get in touch with Delta Airlines customer service and talk to its live experts.

How to Hold Delta Airlines Flight Tickets: Important Points

The following are major yet helpful points that can help you to Hold Delta Airlines Flight Tickets.

  • As per the guidelines from The Department of Transportation (U.S), the airline including Delta Airlines will have to either provide their passengers the provision for holding their flight for 24 hours without paying anything, or full refunds if their flight is cancelled within the 24 hours of their ticket purchase.
  • Delta Airlines also allows its passengers to keep their flight tickets on hold for 24 hours (or contact the agency* at 805-918-9008) However, passengers can pay a fee of $25 for the tickets if they wish to purchase them if they have purchased the tickets by phone.
  • In order to Hold Delta Airlines Flight Tickets, passengers can create a SkyMiles account online for free. Hereafter, they can log into their SkyMiles program, and purchase the hold from the My Trips section.
  • However, if the passenger is not able to find the reservations in their SkyMiles account then they can purchase it by paying the $25.
  • In the event, if the passenger does not want to hold the flight tickets on Delta Airlines or purchase the flight, then they can contact the airline’s customer service center or let the reservation expire.

In the event, if you wish to hold your reservations via phone, then you can connect with the live experts on Delta Airlines customer support. The professionals will surely help you out to put your reservations on hold for the next 24 hours. However, if you also want to know more about the reservations on hold policy, then also you can talk to the Delta live professionals, or visit the airline’s official website.

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