Does Delta provide a hold on reservations?

Delta Airlines is the major carrier operating in and across the United States of America. Delta Airlines can be your best option if you wish to lead a comfortable journey to your destination. Recently, the airline has introduced the reservation hold option, which can provide you some time to think through your reservation.

Can you put a flight on hold with Delta?

The Delta hold flight facility can benefit those travelers who are uncertain of their travel itinerary. Delta Airlines allows the passengers to hold their reservation for at least 24 hours, whether they are booked with regular or award flights.

Steps to holding a reservation on Delta

If you wish to hold your reservation on Delta Airlines, below are the helpful steps to follow:

  • Create a SkyMiles account which is a free frequent flyer program launched by Delta Airlines to benefit travelers.
  • Now, you need to call the Delta Airlines reservation center number and request them to book a flight via phone.
  • Provide all the necessary information to book a flight and choose the most fitting flight from the list of options given by the agent. 
  • After you complete the booking procedure, before providing the payment credentials, ask the agent can you put a Delta flight on hold. If yes, request them to hold your reservation for a day.
  • Your reservation automatically gets canceled by completing the hold time limit, so you need to pay the booking amount before the hold gets collapsed.
  • If you no longer wish to continue with your journey, you can let your hold expire, and the booking will get canceled on its own.
  • But, if you wish to continue with the booking, you need to visit the My Trips section and log into your SkyMiles account and pay the charges.

Ask the customer service of Delta Airlines to hold your reservation!

If you need to hold your reservation on Delta Airlines, you need to use customer service only. Below mentioned are some effective methods to get through a live person at Delta Airlines; choose a contact option from the given choices and request a hold on your reservation:

  1. Assistance via Text
  2. Assistance via Call
  3. Assistance via Email

Choose any of the mentioned contact options as Delta Airlines customer service is the best way to request a hold on your existing reservation. From booking a flight to holding your reservation, a live agent will guide you throughout the process. So, to experience untroubled and yet flexible flight hold facilities, book your ticket with Delta Airlines now!

Official weblink:

Customer service: 1 (800) 221-1212

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