Can You Hold a Southwest Flight for 24 hours?

Several times a person needs to confirm about the tour and sometimes during booking, they need to pause the process until it confirms. Now, no one wants to run the whole process and if this has to be done, then it may be time-consuming and the person needs to waste a few more minutes and filling the details again and again may bother sometimes.

Now to avoid such a scenario and make the process more customer-friendly, they provide the hold option. With this option, you can hold the booking and do it later when you get confirmation. Now you might be searching for Can you hold a Southwest flight for 24 hours? So before you get the answer, first see how you can run the process of holding southwest.

How to Hold Flight Reservations with Southwest?

The process of holding is easy and you can do this without going through the hectic process.

  • First, go to the official website of the Southwest airlines
  • Next, click on the booking and provide the information like where you are going to fly and what is the origin and number of passengers and date of travel
  • Click on the search flight, you will see the available flights on the list and you have to select one from them and you can compare the prices and class
  • Now, when you do this, your booking is confirmed only when you complete the process of payment but before this, you can see the page where the name of the page will be “Review and pay section”
  • In this, you have to review the information that you have mentioned to avoid any kind of problem while checking and boarding
  • At this moment, you can hold the booking by click on the hold booking and add to list of the flying

So it is the process of holding the flight, and see how easy it is and you can do this from anywhere and at any time. Now, the people are wondering for which period they can hold the bookings or even if there is any kind of time restraints or not.

To which extent can hold the booking with Southwest?

Now, you can hold the tickets for up to 24 hours only. It means, within 24 hours of the holding you have to make the payment otherwise you may find it hard to get this option. Or you need to follow the booking process and fill in the details again after the confirmation. So try to make choices within 24 hours so that you can avoid the negative scenario. Now, you must have learned how long can you hold a Southwest plane ticket? You can do this quickly otherwise if the price of the ticket goes up, and then you have to bear the difference too but not in the case of the hold ticket option.

Now, if you face any kind of situation where you need help, then you can contact Southwest airlines customer service and get quick support. They provide various ways to connect with them; you can use any one of them and get a quick solution. The best part is that they are offering it the whole day, so there is no time frame.


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