How can I change my flight date on Copa Airlines?

Copa Airlines provides all the significant services to their traveler, which allows you to make appropriate changes referring to your existing ticket. However, if you have reservations made with the airline and, due sudden change in plan, you want to modify your trip. Then, Copa Airlines flight change has offered to make slight or significant changes without any obstacle. But, before you head with the change process at Copa Airlines, you shall seek appropriate information about policy change fees.

Copa Airlines ticket change policy:

The change ticket policy, which you have been allowed to apply for your ticket, is quite flexible, and it is subjected to some sorts of Copa Airlines flight change policy, which are mentioned beneath for your guidance.

  • According to Copa Airlines' flight change policy procedure to change tickets applies to all refundable and nonrefundable tickets instead of award tickets.
  • If you want to change your ticket, then, in that case, refunds will indeed depend on your fare rules only.
  • Passengers are suggested to make ticket changes before the original traveling date by the official site page because if you go beyond it, it will be treated as a no-show criterion.
  • On the other hand, if you want to change your flight ticket within 24 hours from purchase, then it is free of charge, and you will get to change as per your preference.
  • Otherwise, if you change the ticket after risk risk-free window, then in that case, you get to pay the charges for it, which entirely depends on the route and destination.

What is the Copa Airlines flight change fee?

In some cases, most travelers need clarification with the name change policy and the nominal fees they must pay for such an event procedure. Therefore, in this case, if you need to know about the Copa airline's flight change fee, then you should know that the fees for it will start from $75 to $200 as per the change policy, which depends on your destination.

Learn the online procedure to change the date on Copa Airlines:

Suppose you need to gather information for Copa Airlines to change flight date on your itinerary. Then, you are provided both online and offline methods to opt and get through and know about such an appropriate set of information; go by the following section.

Method: 1 Change the date on the Copa ticket online:

  • First, you must visit the official site page of Copa Airlines.
  • Now select the login tab and enter the username/id and password.
  • Next, tap over the My Trips tab.
  • Enter the booking reference code and the passenger's last name, and select the search button.
  • Choose the itinerary for which you need to change the date and tap over the edit or modify option.
  • Furthermore, you should choose the new flight date from the calendar and even receive the option to select the time.
  • Once you proceed with new details, you should know that your entire trip has been changed, and you should select a new available ticket.
  • Pay for the date change fee with a new ticket, which would be nominal, and you are supposed to select an even payment option.
  • Finally, you will tap over the submit button, and your request to change the date is complete, and you will receive a confirmation email.

Method: 2 Call Copa Airline agent for change date:

Calling is also concluded to be one of the good ways for the passenger to change the date, and in case you need to proceed with the call option, then you shall go by the following section as you take assistance from the expert quite easily.

  • Dial Copa Airlines customer care number 1-786-840-2672 and choose your preferred language
  • Follow the prompts with different sets of services
  • Then press one of the commands that lead your call directly to live expert
  • After your call connects with the expert, you will have to provide details such as the ticket reference number and last name of the passenger
  • An agent will review your request and let you know about the available date change condition possible or not
  • At the last available, the representative will complete it, and you will receive a message with a complete summary or you will get an email.

Does Copa Airlines charge to change flights?

Yes, at Copa Airlines, passengers are entitled to change fare cost because whenever you proceed with the change with itinerary, then you may select a new flight ticket, which may be higher the cost, so the fare will surely incur onto the passenger only, and once you pay it your change reservation is completed. You are going to get the confirmation email.

What if Copa Airlines' new flight fare is lower than the current itinerary?

Suppose your new flight ticket price is lower than the existing one, and then the airline will automatically provide you with travel credit for future travel. In other conditions, you are liable to pay the fare difference if the fare is higher than the current ticket price.

Official weblink:

Regarding changes, visit:

Customer service: 1 800 271 COPA (2672) 6:00 - 24:00 hrs from Monday to Sunday.


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