How would you make a Delta Airlines group travel reservations online?

It is always bliss to travel with your favorite set of persons. And the level of excitement gets higher when you travel with your group. There is no substitute for the harmony getting from the group travel. Moreover, Delta Airlines completely understand this feeling and hence to give you this experience, it provides Delta Airlines group travel discounts to travel across the world.

The Group travel flight booking is way easier to book than you think, all you need is to just visit the website of Delta Airlines. And by performing a few clicks on your keyboard you will be done with the flight ticket booking. To make it simpler here is a step by step guide to book your group flight booking on Delta Airlines.

How would you book Group Travel on Delta Airlines?

  • The first step you should make to book group travel on Delta Airlines is going to the homepage of its website.
  • Then you would require to click the Traveling with us section after that, you should choose the Planning a Trip option.
  • Further, you are required to go to the Group Travel option and then click on the Group Travel Request option.
  • Moving further, you are required to choose the type of the Delta Airlines group travel and provide the passenger’s detail, city, and other required information.
  • After providing all the details, you should click on the Continue button.
  • Also, you will require providing the travel information and initiating the group travel booking request on Delta Airlines.

The moment request is accepted by the airline and you would get a confirmation on your email account that you have provided in the contact details.

How one can book Delta Airlines group travel flight?

With the above procedure, you can book your flight without any hassle but sometimes getting a confirmation may take a longer time. For the case, if you need to book a flight for your group travel immediately or on short notice, then, you may contact the Delta Airlines group travel phone number to get the bookings done instantly. The Delta live chat support team will help you thoroughly and will help you in group flight tickets on Delta Airlines.

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