Does Emirates have extra legroom seats?

The importance of a comfortable seat for a long flight cannot be denied. One can imagine being constricted in a limited space on a stretch for hours even though all that air journey was intended to be exciting.

Extra leg rooms are necessary while traveling for people blessed with a larger than average body stature. Emirates airline is one airline that provides such additional legroom seats for passengers flying in economy class. You can read on further about those planning to fly with Emirates and need to know about Emirates extra legroom seats.

How to book Extra Legroom seats on Emirates Airlines?

  • Reach the Emirates Airlines official website, and log in with your account.
  • When logged into your account, select the "Manage Bookings" section on your account webpage.
  • Follow the usual process of booking a ticket.
  • After planning the whole trip, click on "Seat Selection."
  • Select the extra legroom seat on the flight map.
  • Confirm your reservation.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you at the email address mentioned by you in the booking details.

You can book the Emirates extra seat with more Legroom through the mentioned procedure.

How much Legroom do Emirates provide?

  • The average seat in the economy class provides 32-inch Legroom for the Airbus A380. The premium economy extra legroom seats allow a space of 40 inches for your feet, which can be said as a good legroom space.
  • Without any worded reasoning, extra legroom seats must be opted for by individuals with a body height considerably larger than the average person.
  • The extra legroom seats also allow one to have a reclining chair. So even though one may not need ample leg space, those who would like the reclining feature can book this seat. 
  • Extra Legroom can help if you are traveling with infants. The luxury of rest and comfort is needed while having babies on board with you, and reclining seats can help.

What are the charges for Emirates extra legroom seats?

A flyer may have to shell out $ 55 to $ 205 to get an extra legroom seat. The exact amount for the Emirates extra legroom seat price will depend on the length of the journey. The extra legroom seats are also a few, so that the charges may go up as the availability decreases.

How to book an Emirates extra legroom seat over the call?

For those who cannot get to the Emirates website, one can call the Emirates booking contact number to reach out to an official Emirates agent for help. One can also call the agent if they have any query which they want to be answered. The process to Book Extra Legroom over a call is:

  • Dial the official Emirates service number as mentioned on their website.
  • A voice machine will answer the call. Follow the machine's commands, and it will connect you to a live human agent from Emirates.
  • Hold on to the call till the executive answers you in case of a waiting time.
  • You may discuss and choose the seats and confirm the booking by making the payments.
  • An email notifying you about the booking will be sent to you at the provided email address.

The Emirates booking contact numbers can be found on the contact us help menu of the website. This ensures that the agent you are talking to is indeed from Emirates. The representative can assist you with all the extra legroom booking queries.

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