Does Air Canada have extra legroom seats?

Yes, Air Canada is known for having the most legroom seating, but Flying Air Canada can be a crucial choice whether or not you decide to sit in the open, bound economy seats. If you haven't booked an Air Canada flight in some time, you'll see another classification when you reserve your extra legroom seat, it's called preferred seats, and it is positioned as a solace level.

The Air Canada extra legroom seats give you a more upscale experience. This seat preferred seating is any seat in an economy with extra legroom, which will typically impair you a C$130 or so. 

Enjoy some extra legroom space. 

  • Get the extra space up to 10 cm between seats.
  • Bulkhead row seats may offer you more knee space than a customary seat.
  • On appearance, leave sooner - and get on your way speedier.

How can you get the extra legroom seat? 

  • While booking another flight: Select your Preferred Seat from the seat map when you arrive at the Seat Selection screen.
  • In the wake of booking: From the My Bookings tab, sign in and search for the Change Seats. Booked with another airline? Try to have your Air Canada booking reference.

It is prescribed to purchase your Preferred Seat when you check-in for your flight online, on your cell phone, or at the Airport. 

Air Canada extra legroom seats cost

The Air Canada extra legroom seats cost range from $17 to USD 299. Aeroplan Elite Members and customers going on a Latitude or solace charge can choose a Preferred Seat at no additional expense or a discounted cost.

Air Canada extra legroom seat booking  

You can make a pre-saving for your seat within 24 hours before your flight plan. Likewise, you can sort out the flight booking process when you want to pick an Air Canada extra legroom seat.

Here are approaches to getting the extra seat for Air Canada Airlines

If you want to make an Air Canada booking for extra legroom seating, then you need to follow the beneath mentioned steps: 

  • First, visit the site, and pick up your trip to enter the flight booking number. 
  • Then, enter the customer details and move to the accompanying page to pick seat assurance to tap on the extra legroom seats.
  • You can pick the seat, and if you have picked the extra legroom seat, you can book your seat in the center row.

Bottom line 

You may not need an extra legroom seat to get where you are going with air Canada, but if your budget allows you to book additional legroom seats, go for it since it will make your journey more comfortable and enjoyable. For extra details about the Air Canada extra legroom seats, you can contact the customer service department, and then the team will assist you with every of your query. 

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