How do you select seats on Air China?

Traveling on your preferred seat to any destination is the most significant advantage for travelers. Air China allows passengers to make seat selections in advance so they do not have any trouble at the last moment. One thing most passengers are confused about is the seat selection process. These customers have the alternative to make use of the Air China seat selection app and reserve their desired seats. They can also select seats while booking tickets via the website or by reaching the airport. Detailed information about it is given in the following section.

Do I have to pay for my seat on China Airlines?

Yes, customers must pay for China Airlines' seat selection process for some specific seats. One thing must be clear: it is not mandatory to pay for all seats. The fare depends upon the traveling class. Customers can select their seats online up to 48 hours before flight departure. Now, you must be curious about the Air China seat selection fee. The approximate amount that is expected to be paid by the customers to get a hold of their seats is $20-$30; this price might vary according to different travel classes and seats.

Air China seat selection policies:

Several policies about Air China seat selection must be used by the customers who wish to travel via this airline and select their preferred seats. Some important seat selection policy highlights are given below:

  • Customers who do not select their seats for Air China flights will be assigned seats automatically by the airlines.
  • Air China does not allow passengers to book seats beside emergency exits. There is a specific criterion that must be fulfilled by the passengers who wish to get this seat.
  • Suppose any passenger has medical concerns and wishes to reserve a seat near the lavatory. In that case, he can provide the supporting medical documents to get his desired option without paying additional fees.
  • Customers can also select seats using their existing miles.
  • The seat selection procedure is available free of cost for customers who make seat selection within the initial 24 hours.
  • Seat selection is strictly based on the availability of seats.
  • Air China seat selection terms and conditions:
  • Codeshare flights are exempted from seat selection.
  • Some seats require additional payments; therefore, passengers must pay a fee to select those seats.
  • Emergency exit seat holders cannot go through online check-in.
  • After check-in, a seat cannot be selected.
  • On international routes, passengers might not select their seats in advance.

How do I pick a seat on China Airlines?

The seat selection process of Air China can be processed using the online procedure or the offline method. If you have never before selected your preferred seat before boarding a flight, then you can complete Air China seat selection by using the procedures mentioned below:

Select your seats online:

Customers can follow the steps described below to complete the Air China seat selection online process:

  • Go to the airline's website.
  • Click on the additional services option.
  • To find your ticket, insert an e-ticket number and passenger name.
  • Finally, tap the “select seat” button when you get a ticket.
  • You will now navigate to the available seat map.
  • You can select your preferred option.
  • If required, make additional payment for seat selection.
  • Once your seats are reserved, you will get information about the same on your email address.

Select seat reaching at the airport:

Seat selection can also be done after reaching the airport. However, there is no guarantee that passengers will get their preferred option, as all seats are usually reserved when the option is available. Yet if any passenger forgets to select seats online, they can try this option. For this, they can head to the reservation counter. After providing booking details, the airline representative will help with the check-in process, and passengers can request their preferred seat. If the option is available, travelers will be assigned seats.

Air China seat selection via mobile application:

Sometimes, customers have problems using the official website of Air China and cannot find their preferred seats. They can use the mobile application in that case and make seat selection online using the straightforward steps given below:

  • Open the mobile application of Air China.
  • Go to the “manage booking” section.
  • To select, customers must log in to their account.
  • Now, they must tap on their reservation.
  • From available seats, they can select their preferred option
  • Finally, customers can get seat-selected information on their mobile.

Select a seat instantly via Self kiosk:

Travelers also have the facility to select seats themselves even after reaching the airport. For this, they can reach the kiosk located at the airport, insert their booking information to complete the check-in process, and follow the instructions given on the monitor. Finally, when they have displayed an available seat map, they can select accordingly and confirm their decision. Finally, they can print a boarding pass that mentions selected seat information.

Conclusion: Customers can accumulate all information regarding seat selection by contacting customer services using phone number 1 (800) 882-8122.

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