Does Air Serbia have 24 hour cancellation policy?

Yes, the airline has the Air Serbia 24-hour cancellation policy, which passengers can use in case they have booked with the airline. According to the policy, the passenger can cancel with the airline within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket, given that the booking process was done a minimum of 7 days before the flight's scheduled departure. No cancellation fee would be charged, and the passenger is entitled to a full refund.

Apart from this specific policy, the airline has also formulated the Air Serbia cancellation policy, the pointers to which are discussed below:

  • If there has been a subsequent delay in the departure time with the airline and the passengers were not informed beforehand, they are entitled to a cancellation with the airline with a full refund. The airline also gives complimentary offers, vouchers, and coupon codes under such scenarios.
  • Passengers can initiate the cancellation process with the airline in case the airline they were to travel with has been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, and the passenger was not informed in advance.
  • In extreme cases of medical emergency, the airline may allow the passenger to cancel their flight, given they make a special request for the same.

How to initiate the cancellation process with Air Serbia?

There are discrete modes through which the passenger can initiate the cancellation process with Air Serbia Airlines. The details of the same are given here as follows:

•             Instigating the cancellation process with Air Serbia on call:

The passengers can call + 1 (718) 7258642, connecting them to the airline's contact center team. Specify the issue, and then the team will assign an agent to help with the cancellation process. Avoid placing the call between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., which are the peak hours with the airline. Early morning hours serve as the best time to connect with the agent.

•             Commencement of the process of cancellation via the online portal:

Air Serbia allows passengers to resort to the online mode of cancelation in case the call process is not getting through. They can follow the easy methodology given here to make the cancel with the airline:

  • Ruffle over the official website of Air Serbia.
  • The main page would display the various options related to the booking process, from which the passenger can choose the My Reservation link.
  • Enter the details of the Booking Code and Surname to find the booking made.
  • Scroll down the menu choices under the flight reserved and click the Cancel My Flight icon.
  • Review the details, make the cancellation fee, and submit.
  • The airline would shortly share the mail of confirmation with the passenger for the cancellation initiated.
  • The passenger can use the ticket number allotted as a reference to initiate the refund process with the airline.

How much is the cancellation fee for Air Serbia?

The Air Serbia cancellation fee varies according to the fare conditions under which the booking has been made. The fee charged depends on the fare type, distance, and the destination traveled to. Usually, the Air Serbia team would charge around 250 USD to 500 USD, which tends to show an inclination in the rate depending on the policy governing the airlines. A zero cancellation fee gets levied on the passenger if they are faced with the situation discussed under the cancellation policy with the airline.

What is the time taken for a refund with Air Serbia?

The passengers who have initiated the Air Serbia cancellation refund with the airline can request a refund. The airlines take an average of 7 working days if the payment was initiated through a credit card or any other form of payment. If the passenger has paid for the ticket using cash or check, then the airline would take a time limit of 20 working days to complete the refund process.

The different ways to initiate the refund process are:

  • Send an email to [email protected] with attachments of all the details of the cancellation made so that the team can review the shared attributes and then initiate the refund accordingly.
  • Fill in the refund form made available on the Help and Contact page of the airline. The passengers must fill in all the details being asked and submit so that the customer support team will be notified to process the refund request.

Does Air Serbia allow you to hold a reservation?

Yes, the passenger can call the airline to request to hold their reservation if they need time to finalize the booking. The airlines allow a maximum of 24 hours to hold the booking, after which it would be canceled. The major advantage of holding a reservation is that the passenger is guaranteed no change in ticket fare. The passenger will only be charged a minimum hold fee for the same.

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