Can You Change Your Breeze Flight?

Yes, you can change your Breeze airways flight before the scheduled departure. Breeze airways understand all the circumstances and allow you to change the itinerary. You can change the flight journey online and acquire the new travel accordingly. You must understand specific rules and regulations to change the flight to your specified destination. You can read the given information and change your flight.

Terms and conditions to change the Breeze Airways flight:

When you have decided to change the flight, you need to be aware of the policy. You can consider the following points for Breeze Airways change flight policy appropriately.

  • You can change the flight journey within 24 hours of the purchase to eliminate fees. According to this rule, you must have purchased the flight within seven days of the flight departure.
  • You must pay some fees or charges when you change the flight ticket after 24 hours. The flight change fees will calculate according to the reservation type and destination.
  • Once you change the flight, you can see the fare difference you must pay to complete the process.
  • Sometimes, the difference between the new flight can be low, and Breeze airways will issue the travel credit. You can use the points in future bookings with Breeze airways.
  • If you face a medical disturbance, Breeze airways allow you to change the flight free of cost.
  • You can proceed with the flight change up to one hour before the scheduled departure.

Simple procedure to change the Breeze Airways flight:

You can acquire new travel dates online according to the rules and regulations. For the Breeze airways change flight, you can follow the below steps:

  • To start, you must access the official web portal of Breeze airways.
  • After this, select the My Trips option from the menu section.
  • You must enter the booking reference and passenger numbers to retrieve the booking. Moreover, you can also use the username and password to log into your account.
  • You can choose the flight you wish to change when accessing the reservation.
  • You must tap the flight change button from the drop-down menu and proceed further.
  • On the next screen, you must add the calendar travel dates.
  • Once you search for the flights, you will see the list of available flights for your destination and travel dates.
  • You can choose the preferred flight and add the travel seats for each passenger.
  • When you continue further, you will find the fare difference and fees, if any.
  • You must pay the appropriate fees and difference to complete the process.
  • Breeze Airways will send you the confirmation mail and the new e-ticket.

Moreover, you can also change the flight with the customer service team and talk to a live person. They will help you to change the flight tickets before the flight journey.

Does Breeze charge to change flights?

Yes, Breeze airways charge fees if you change the flight after 24 hours of the purchase. The flight change fees will compute according to the destination and new travel dates. The Breeze airways change fees for your flight destination will vary between $75 to $200. Apart from the fees, you also need to pay the fare difference to get the new travel journey.

Are Breeze flights refundable?

If you have purchased the refundable fare, you will get the refund after canceling the flight journey. For the non-refundable flights, Breeze airways will issue the travel credit after deducting the relevant fees. You can apply for the refund online using the following simple steps:

  • In the beginning, you must get the Breeze airways official web portal.
  • You can proceed to the refund section to get back the money.
  • You will find the refund request form that you need to fill out.
  • You must add the essential details in the form and describe the refund.
  • You must add your flight number to fetch the relevant details in the refund form.
  • When you tap the submit button, your refund request will be forwarded to the representative.
  • A representative will review the request and initiate the money within 7-10 working days to the original payment source.

Breeze Airways will also send you the notification regarding the refund at your registered email ID. You will get the Breeze Airways Refund if they cancel the flight at no extra fees.

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