Does Emirates provide wheelchair assistance?

If you are flying with Emirates airlines and need assistance moving around the airport, you can add that in your booking request, and Emirates will be ready to help you move around the airport or flight cabin. Emirates will provide you with a wheelchair. The airline will also help you move around if you bring your wheelchair or mobility aids. Emirates wheelchair assistance is very good, and you immediately get the help you need. The airline will help you with all your tasks within the airport and cabin of the flight. You can also talk on the helpline number if you didn’t add a wheelchair request while booking your flight.

Does Emirates charge for wheelchair assistance?

Emirates doesn’t charge wheelchair assistance; you can call Emirates 48 hours before to ask for the required assistance. Emirates special assistance for elderly is also available to help them navigate, or wheelchair Emirates provides special assistance to people with the below issues.

  • Passengers with mobility issues (i.e., Wheelchair assistance)
  • Deaf or hard of hearing passengers
  • Visually impaired or blind passengers.
  • Passengers who need assistance in boarding and an escort to move around the airport.
  • Pre-boarding assistance for new flyers.

Do airlines charge for wheelchair assistance?

To ensure a less stressed and safe journey, Airlines provide free-of-cost wheelchair assistance to their flyers. They have to provide you with a wheelchair at the airport and provide you with an escort to make sure you have mobility and the appropriate help you require. Emirates wheelchair assistance cost is none as it is free of cost at every airport. And Airlines provide wheelchairs at every airport, and you can also carry your foldable wheelchair to the airport. An airline executive will escort you to your seat, ensure you are at the right seat and provide you with all the help you need.

How do I get wheelchair assistance at the airport?

You can get a wheelchair at the airport very easily. You need to follow the steps to get the mobility help you need. 

  •  Inform the airline at least 48 hours before requesting the special assistance you need, and ensure that if you carry your own wheelchair, which is battery-powered. You need to give the dimensions to the airlines so they can decide if they can check in the wheelchair with you. 
  • Make sure it is foldable, and you can fit it inside the cabin without disturbing other passengers. Checking in with your wheelchair is free.
  •  Airlines provide wheelchairs at every airport to ensure that every passenger gets the required assistance. Emirates also provide Emirates elderly assistance to ensure older people get all the help they need. When you reach your destination, a wheelchair attendant will be waiting for you to ensure your safety. 
  •  Your assistant will also carry your luggage. And if you want a stop to the restroom, you can ask the assistant, and they will be more than happy to help you.
  •  If you encounter any issues or don’t get the assistance you seek, you can complain to the complaints resolution official (CRO). Airports have a CRO present in person or on call to solve all disability-related issues. 

This article should help you get all the information related to the wheelchair assistance of Emirates Airlines. If you still have any kind of queries regarding mobility issues or wheelchair check-in issues. You can contact the customer support of Emirates Airlines, which is available 24*7. You can get in touch with the customer care of airlines by going to the official website of the Airlines, and under the Contact Us option, you will find various methods to contact the customer support.

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