Does EVA Air have a 24-hour cancellation policy?

Suppose you have booked an itinerary with EVA Air and want to cancel the booking due to a change of plan or other medical reasons. Every passenger must know the EVA Air cancellation policy 24 hours before canceling the booked flight ticket. The Airline follows a few terms and conditions under which passengers are liable to get a complete refund or pay the cancellation fee. Passengers should check the below-mentioned information below.

  • The travelers are allowed to cancel the booked flight ticket only those booked via the Airline's official website, app, or Airport ticket office.
  • Passengers can cancel the booked flight ticket if at least seven days are left before the scheduled departure.
  • You can cancel the existing flight ticket for free within 24 hours of purchase and have a departure after seven days.
  • EVA Air's 24-hour cancellation policy is applicable for all ticket types.

EVA Air Cancellation Policy:

EVA Air Cancellation policy gives flexibility to cancel the booked flight ticket for free if the cancellation is made on the same day of purchase and has seven days left for the departure for free. But if the passenger wants to cancel at the last minute or before 24 hours, then the Airline follows different rules. Although the Airline has issued the policy for the passenger's convenience, it does include the charges. Here, you will find the explained cancellation policy.

  • If you have purchased the ticket via a third-party travel agent, then it is better to call the Airline customer support agent and ask them to cancel the booking.
  • Passengers are required to pay the cancellation charges if you cancel the reservation after 24 hours of purchase.
  • People holding the refundable tickets are liable to get a complete refund for the canceled tickets.
  • Non-refundable booking holders are not eligible to get a refund after cancellation, but the Airline provides the applicable charges and taxes on the reservation.
  • You are advised to contact the EVA Air customer support executive to cancel the group booking tickets.
  • Travelers can cancel the booking up to and before the scheduled flight departure.
  • The mentioned policy applies only to a few fare types.
  • You can cancel the existing booking via phone number, Manage Booking Portal, or at the Airport ticket counter. You need to pay extra charges to cancel the booking at the Airport or via call; however, you may not need to pay the online cancellation fee.

How much does it cost to cancel a flight with EVA Air?

As per EVA Air Cancellation policy, Passengers may be required to pay the EVA Air cancellation fee based on the type of fare they have purchased. Also, the policy will have exceptions. Passengers will get a full refund only if they cancel the booked flight within 24 hours of booking. Generally, the Airline cancellation fee is $100, but it usually depends on the fare type, as explained in the information below.

  • Passengers holding Economy Standard tickets have to pay the $100 as a cancellation fee.
  • You must pay $150 as a cancellation fee for the customer who has purchased a Premium Economy flight ticket.
  • EVA Air Business Class ticket holders must pay $200 as a cancellation fee.
  • For those who have canceled the first-class tickets, you should pay the $300, which may be deducted from the refund value.

How to cancel the EVA Air reservation online?

Most people prefer to cancel the booking online as it is more convenient than other options. Here is a step-by-step process that every customer must know.

  • Passengers should go to the EVA Air official website or app.
  • You may be required to browse the homepage to find the Manage Booking tab.
  • Click on the cancel tab displayed on the screen.
  • Here, you need to enter the booking confirmation code and last name given on the itinerary.
  • The screen will show the penalty amount if there is any. Kindly pay it and then proceed further to complete the process.
  • When the cancellation is confirmed, the Airline will share the confirmation code on the valid email address.

If you cannot cancel the booking online, you can easily cancel by calling the Airline customer support number.

How to get the cancellation refund?

When the passenger has already canceled the booking, you should submit the refund form within 24 hours. You can submit the EVA Air cancellation refund request online to learn more details; passengers should read the given information. 

  • Customers should go to the Airline's official website.
  • Now select the managed booking and complete the cancellation process.
  • The screen will show the refund form link when the cancellation is complete.
  • Kindly enter relevant information such as canceled booking details, contact number, passenger, and payment details.
  • You should click on the submit tab.
  • The Airline help desk Assistant will check the eligibility and then proceed further to refund the canceled flight amount.
  • The refund will be reflected within seven days on the original payment methods.


For passengers who want to learn about the EVA Air Cancellation policy and process, you should check the above information, as it covers all the essential details that customers should know before canceling.

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