Does Finnair allow name changes?

When a person makes the bookings with Finnair in a hurry, they often make mistakes with the passenger’s name. If the same has happened to you and you put the wrong name on your flight ticket, then you must like to know if Finnair allows a name change on the flight ticket or not. A Finnair name change is allowed for passengers on certain conditions, and the policies are also enlisted that you should consider before requesting a name change.

What are the terms and conditions for changing the name on a Finnair flight ticket?

There are some conditions that allow you to change the passenger’s name on an already booked flight with Finnair, and those are listed here:

  • Misspelt Names: If on the passenger’s name column of your Finnair flight ticket, your name is, misspelled, then you can request the correction of the name.
  • Legally Changed Name: If a passenger has changed his or her name after purchasing a flight ticket with Finnair, they should also make corrections to the passenger’s name on the ticket. Submitting legal documents is allowed by the airlines.
  • Change Prefix: If you have mentioned the wrong prefix on your flight ticket, you can request Finnair to do the correction. The prefix can be easily changed on the flight ticket as it is a minor correction and can be done without submitting any documents.

What are the policies for name change at Finnair?

Now, if you wonder about the policies that are applied to do a name change on the flight ticket booked, here the applicable Finnair name change policy is listed:

  • Swapping the traveler’s name is not permitted by Finnair. A person cannot transfer the ticket to another traveler in any condition.
  • Misspelt names on a flight ticket are eligible to change three characters maximum.
  • For changing name due to a severe reason, the flight ticket holder must provide the legal documentation while requesting the name change to Finnair.
  • There are name change charges allotted by Finnair that should be by the flight ticket holder.
  • If the passenger changes their name within 24 hours of purchasing the ticket, no charge will be allotted.
  • If a third party made the Finnair booking, you should contact the respective party to request a name change on the ticket.

How to change the name on the Finnair flight ticket?

There are certain ways that are helpful for flight ticket holders who request Finnair to change the name on the ticket. The available ways are explained further that you can follow as per your suitability:

On Website

You can make the correction on your name or change the full name from your reserved ticket straight from the Finnair website. There are some steps that you need to consider following that are mentioned here:

  • Land on the Finnair homepage on the browser,
  • Pick the “Manage” tab and put your booking info in the columns,
  • By taping the Search button, the flight tickets will be shown on the screen,
  • Now you have to select the ticket that needs a name change,
  • Choose the “Name Change” option to start the procedure,
  • Omit the necessary changes to the passenger’s name,
  • Pay the fee if required to complete the procedure,
  • Then your name change will be saved, and Finnair will send a confirmation.

On Call

You can also call Finnair customer service to request a name change or correction on your ticket. Here are the steps that you should follow:

  • You can place your call at 0330 8081188,
  • Your call will be connected to Finnair customer service,
  • With some wait, a person will avail in the call to assist you,
  • You can ask for the name change on your booking,
  • For the same, you must share the correct flight ticket info,
  • State clearly the correct name to the airline representative,
  • You will be asked to share the travel document for verification purposes,
  • After that, pay the name change fee at Finnair,
  • And your flight ticket passenger’s name will be updated, and an email will be shared with you.

On Airport

A traveler is also eligible to change the name on the flight ticket by reaching out to the help desk at the airport. You have to request from the available representative for Finnair name correction, and you will need to share your flight ticket. The representative will make the change by submitting a valid id proof. Pay the fee at the help desk, and the update will be completed.

What are the charges for changing the name on a Finnair flight ticket?

If you wonder what the Finnair name change fee is before requesting the same, it will be 25 USD if you do the name correction, and for changing the full name, the fee is 400 USD.

Hence, use the above reference for changing or correcting your name on the Finnair flight ticket. Thoroughly read the terms and conditions of the name change as well as the policies provided by Finnair before making your request. You can change the name on the ticket, and Finnair will send you the confirmation email immediately.

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