Does Qatar allow 24 hour cancellation?

Qatar Airways is one of the premium airlines offering flexible services and policies to its travelers worldwide. If you find it difficult to board the flight, you can cancel the Qatar Airways flight ticket and get a refund.

Regarding Qatar's 24-hour cancellation policy, the airline allows you to cancel a ticket within 24 hours of ticket purchase without paying any fee. You will know all about Qatar Airways cancellation in detail, but let's start with the cancellation procedure first.

How to cancel the Qatar Airways flight ticket?

Unless you book the flight from the Qatar website via the call center or ticket counter, you can cancel the Qatar Airways flight anytime. You can cancel the booking by visiting the official website and calling a Qatar representative. You can check out the step-by-step process below to cancel Qatar flight tickets online.

Follow the procedure below to cancel your Qatar Airways flight ticket. 

  • Get on the Qatar Airways official website:
  • You can access your Qatar Airways account to access the booking details.
  • You can also find the My Trip section on the homepage
  • Then you need to retrieve your booking by providing the confirmation number and last name 
  • Select the booking from the dashboard you need to cancel 
  • Now click on the cancel reservation button on the screen
  • Provide the cancellation reason and let the airline confirm it
  • Now confirm the cancellation and pay the cancellation fee if applicable 
  • Follow the instructions to complete the procedure and check the confirmation email

Knowing the cancellation procedure is insufficient; you must review the Qatar cancellation policy to avoid any hassle and penalty. Here, we have listed the highlights of Qatar Airways' cancellation policy; you can review it to stay updated.

Get Familiar with Qatar Airways cancellation policy. 

As per the Qatar cancellation policy, if you wish to cancel your flight, do it within 24 hours of booking. If you fail, you might need to pay the cancellation fee, depending on fare conditions.

  • Your ticket is booked at least seven days before departure to cancel within 24 hours and get a full refund.
  • You can cancel your Qatar Airways flight ticket by visiting the airline's official website or calling the representative. In that case, you will have to pay some administration charges.
  • If you hold a valid ticket, you can cancel it up to 2 hours before the departure.
  • If you have a non-refundable ticket, you can cancel the booking after 24 hours but will not receive any refund.

Going through the policy above, you can cancel your booking with Qatar anytime. Besides, let's check out the further details about the Qatar cancellation fee mentioned below.

The cancellation fee of Qatar Airways 

The airline allows you to cancel the ticket free of cost within 24 hours of booking. However, depending on your ticket type, you might have to pay the cancellation fee. The cancellation fee ranges from around $ 90 to $ 220. Besides, it also depends on several factors, like your travel class and fare type. If you cancel your flight ticket by calling the Qatar Airways call center, you might need to pay an additional fee of around $ 25. 

By reading the information above, you must be clear about Qatar Airways' cancellation process, policy, and fee. However, you can always contact Qatar Airways customer service if you doubt or need any additional information. 

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