Does Thai Airways allow name changes?

Sometimes, most passengers have their names written wrong under the itinerary section, or similar characters must match the passport. So, in that case, Thai Airways have offered the customers Thai Airways name correction option both online and offline, which are quite helpful ways to grab for the name correction/change.

Besides this, if you see issues with your name on a Thai Airways ticket, then before heading to change the credentials, you should read the following information that is related to Thai Airways name change policy because once you have proper guidance in reference to name change norms, then you will be able to proceed relatively smoothly.

Essential norm points for Thai Airways name change:

  • According to the name change policy at Thai Airways, if the name is changed after the marriage, then the customer will have to show legal documents for reference and verification.
  • Furthermore, the name change policy at Thai Airways allows the customer to make necessary modifications to the middle name.
  • Travelers should check, review and verify the changed name characters/letters as mentioned on the official ID/passport.
  • In accordance with Thai Airways' name change policy original name or its format change is not permissible to edit
  • The alteration of the name on Thai Airways is applicable on all the available flight tickets, which you purchase directly from the official site page.
  • If you proceed with the name change over the online process at the PNR section, the changes will automatically affect the entire reservation.
  • The name corrections or changes are available up to a few characters/letters, which is a cost-free operation at the official site.

Hence, after you read the complete section for the policy from the above passage and now you need to know about the change name fees and proper procedures to change the name, you are supposed to read the further section information as you will receive appropriate guidance because from here you can be able to accumulate a proper result as per your change name queries.

How much is the name change fee at Thai Airways?

With the help of website services, customers quickly get access to make modifications. But, for the change of name, you may have to pay an additional cost, and to know the Thai Airways name change fee, you are required to pay around $75 to $125 per passenger per booking. However, if you need more assistance, you may contact a Thai Airways customer service team agent and receive immediate guidance.

How can I change my name online at Thai Airways?

If you wish to correct your name on Thai Airways with the help of an online site procedure, then you must read the following passage; this will help Thai Airways name change to get done with quick assistance as this is the only procedure that allows quite prominently.

  • First of all, you need to visit the official website of Thai Airways.
  • After which you have to select the login tab and enter the correct credentials
  • Then choose my bookings tab, and herein you need to enter the Thai Airways ticket reference number along with the passenger's last name.
  • Click on the find booking option to have your ticket on screen smoothly.
  • Tap over the edit/modify option, and then you can quickly enter the correct name, credentials, residence details, phone number, and email, along with supporting documents for verification.
  • Note that the documents you will show must include a marriage certificate, divorce certificate, government ID, passport, and driver's license.
  • Next, you must complete the ticket payment process for a name change if necessary.
  • Furthermore, the name change fee will include fare differences and service charges.
  • At last, Thai Airways, after completing your name change process, will quickly send you the confirmation email or a text message with complete details.

How to apply name change at Thai Airways over the phone?

Customers even have the option to request a name change over the phone, and for that purpose, you will have to contact a Thai Airways representative over the phone; for such category services, you must dial the helpline number and follow voicemail commands.

  • Dial the telephone number for Thai Airways 66-2356-1111
  • After which you receive voicemail instructions and firstly choose a language
  • Now, press the command prompt, which enables the ticket name change query
  • Next, you have to provide correct name details with proper characters (speak letter by letter)
  • You even receive the option to request other modifications
  • Once you complete the overall name and pay off the required fees, then, you tap submit button
  • Ultimately, Thai Airways will send you a confirmation SMS as well as an email for the name change/correction.

Can you change your name at the airport?

Yes, if you face name issues like details entered wrongly, the most feasible option after the site or call is referred to is at the airport. For this procedure, you must arrive at the airport 3-4 hours before scheduled departure and then head towards the helpdesk assistant and share queries to change name along with correct information because then you will get guided appropriately as soon as you provide the correct ID proofs.

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