How do I add a pet to my United reservation?

Suppose you plan to make your flight booking with United Airlines and also want to make a United Airlines pet reservation as you fly with your pet. In that case, you can head with the procedure, as there are different types of simple methods with the help of which you can add a pet to your United reservation. If you have any questions, you can contact the Airline's customer support, but head with the booking procedure through which you can add a pet to your flight. Read the information given below.

Method 1.

Make your pet reservation through the website of the Airline.

The online procedure is the quickest way to add a pet to your United Airlines flight, and you can head to the Airline's website or by opening the United Airlines mobile application. This is the self-service way through which you can read the process cited below to add the pet to your United flight.

  • Head to the United Airlines' official website or open the mobile application.
  • Click on the "My trips" tab located on your screen.
  • Mention your flight Confirmation Number and the Passenger's last name.
  • Move to the add services option and head by adding the pet to your flight.
  • Mention all the details per the requirement and upload the necessary documents.
  • Then, you will head to the payment page to pay the amount for the ticket.
  • There, you can download your ticket from the screen.

Method 2.

Call the customer support of United Airlines.

Another procedure to add a pet to your flight is through a phone call; it is the offline mode in which you can call the United Airlines reservation phone number and speak with the live human of the Airline directly on the phone; the agent will grant you with the necessary information and also assist you read below steps to know the process of adding the pet.

  • Dial the United Airlines helpline number to make a call.
  • Choose the language to get the assistance, and press the preferred IVR button.
  • In a while, your call will get to the live human of the Airline.
  • Provide him with your flight details and the other necessary information.
  • Later, the agent will help you with the process.

How much does it cost to fly a pet on United?

After completing the flight booking process, you head to the payment section, where you must pay the charges for your United Airlines pet's traveling, around $125 per trip. If you are heading with the pet safe program, pay the United Airlines pet cargo cost. The pet travel fee is for each layover exceeding 4 hours within the country, and for the international flight, the Airline charges you around $125 for a 24-hour layover. You can pay online or in cash at the Airport counter; contact the Airline's customer support for any issue.

How strict is the United pet policy?

Whenever you book your seat with United Airlines with your pet, gather the information regarding the procedure, go through the United Airlines pet policy points mentioned below, and understand its terms and conditions, a few of which are mentioned below.

  • For pet traveling, United Airlines only allows cats, dogs, small household birds, and rabbits to travel on the aircraft.
  • He size of United Airlines in-cabin pet carrier size should be 44cm x 30cm x 19cm (15.5in x 12in x 7.5in), while soft-sided carriers/kennels should be under 46cm x 28cm x 28cm (18in x 11in x 11in).
  • The puppies and the kittens should be at least 2 months old for domestic traveling and 4 months for international.
  • While flying with pets, you must complete your check-in at least 2-3 hours before your flight departure.
  • Make sure you have the pet's vaccination and other necessary certificates.

Does United Airlines allow carry-on pets?

The Airline allows only domestic dogs, cats, and birds as carry-on pets, but they should fit underneath the seat in front and be inside the pet carrier for the whole flight journey. And you have to pay the charges for the pet carry-on.

Can my dog sit in my lap, United Airlines?

No, according to the Airline pet policy, the pets must remain inside their pet carrier throughout the flight that can be fitted under the front seat because of the security purposes of the passengers.

Does United let you buy a seat for your dog?

The Airline allows you to buy an extra seat, but if you are traveling along with more than one pet, then you can buy the extra seat as one of them would be settled under the front seat to buy an extra ticket for your pet you have you pay the additional charges of $125 for each way.

Does United Airlines require pet documents?

During the flight booking process, the Airline provides the United Airlines pet form, where you must fill in all the necessary information about your pet. Along with it, you have to submit the relevant documents, and you must carry them along with you while flying with the pet; the required documents that should be carried are listed below.

  • Health and rabies certificate.
  • A form for Customer acknowledgment.
  • Close-up photograph for breed verification.
  • Customer Reviews
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