How can you change your Turkish Airlines flight?


Do you want to make a change to your Turkish Airlines flight, and are looking for information on how to do so? Turkish Airlines, being a customer-centric airline, prioritizes its passengers in all scenarios. One of the numerous special benefits given by Turkish Airlines is the option to change a flight if required. More information on how to change a flight with Turkish Airlines, as well as the policy for doing so, can be obtained from the section below.

Learn how to request a flight change on Turkish Airlines

Due to a situation, a passenger may need to make changes to a booked flight on Turkish Airlines. If you want to know that how to apply for a Turkish Airlines change flight, please see the steps below.

  • Go to Turkish Airlines' official website and look for the Manage Booking link.
  • Open the Manage Booking area and enter your reservation code there.
  • Next input the passenger's last name then click the arrow button.
  • All of your Turkish Airlines bookings will appear on the following screen.
  • Afterward, you can check the details of an individual booking you want to modify.
  • After that, you can make changes by selecting the Edit button next to that flight.
  • Finally, you must pay the applicable fee, and you will be notified after Turkish Airlines has confirmed your flight change request.

Learn about Turkish Airlines flight change policy

When flying with Turkish Airlines, you have the option to make various eligible changes in flight. If you want to learn more about the adjustments you may make on a Turkish Airlines booking, go through their flight change policy, which is shown below.

  • Turkish Airlines allows you to change any of the information in your reservation, with the exception of the passenger's details.
  • You can request a change in time and date. In addition, you can modify your departure destination or the flight route. The only route change that is not permitted is from a domestic to an overseas destination.
  • The fee Turkish Airlines charges for changing flights is a minimum of 20 euros and can go up to 40 euros.
  • If you are changing flights with fewer than 12 hours to departure, you must pay a change fee of 30% on your fare.

In addition to learning how to change a flight, if you require any further information on your Turkish Airlines flight booking or anything else, you may call their customer service department. The airlines offer complete support to customers from the time they book a trip until they arrive at their destination, with a staff of specialists that can give them a better understanding of everything.


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Customer service: 1 (800) 874-8875

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