How do I change my name on my Japan Airlines ticket?

Sometimes people can make mistakes in their name while booking a fight. This can be problematic when boarding the flight since the name on the ticket and the passport are checked. Thus, you should take utmost care about such incidents. But even if you have entered an incorrect name during booking, Japan Airlines allows you to amend your mistakes online and offline. You should read the entire article carefully to learn about Japan Airlines name change. It discusses the name correction process, policy, fee, and more.

What is the name correction policy of Japan Airlines?

The airline prohibits customers from changing their names or transferring their tickets to a third party. They can only make corrections in spelling and sequence due to typing mistakes. The Japan Airlines name change policy is listed below. Ensure to understand it properly before proceeding to change your name. ;

  • Japan Airlines does not allow customers to change their names on the ticket. Instead, only corrections can be made.
  • Customers can make corrections up to 3 characters only.
  • The name on the ticket, passport, and official ID must be the same.
  • Name changes are allowed only in special cases such as marriage or divorce. You can request the airline for a name change in the mentioned cases.
  • Name change requests due to marriage or divorce require legal documents for verification.
  • Tickets cannot be transferred to another person; no name changes are permitted.
  • Customers who want to add a middle name or surname must pay a fee.

How can I change/correct my name on Japan Airlines tickets?

The airline permits customers to amend their incorrect names on the website under the Manage Booking section. Also, they can contact customer service for japan airlines change name on ticket and get their names corrected. Both processes are explained in this article. You can read them for a profound understanding.

The step-by-step online process to correct/change your name.

You can correct your name in the online method under the Manage Booking section. People usually prefer it as it can be done at their convenience. The following steps vividly discuss the online name correction process on Japan Airlines.

  • As a commencing step, you have to open Japan Airlines’ official website.
  • Next, click the ‘Manage’ tab and select the Manage Flight Booking option.
  • Mention your details like flight number, boarding date, and full name to get your booking details.
  • When your booking opens, click the name change/correct option under the change section.
  • You will be directed to another page. Enter your correct name on the passport and pay the fee, if any, to complete the process.

The offline process to correct your name on Japan Airlines.

In the Japan Airlines name correction offline method, you must talk to Japan Airlines customer service and correct your name. Customers often prefer to call customer service to correct their name on the ticket. You have to call Japan Airlines’ official number, 1 (800) 525-3663. You should wait a few minutes, and your call will soon be connected with a customer service representative. Let them know your concerns, and they will assist you in the best possible way. You should provide your correct details for a smooth process. Eventually, your name will be corrected on your ticket.

How much does it cost to correct your name on Japan Airlines?

So now that you have learned about the name change process and policy, you should also know the fee associated with it. The airline’s name change fee is not defined as it varies according to the route, destination, type of ticket, etc. Hence, the fee will only be displayed when you submit your name change request.


Can I change my name on Japan Airlines?

No, the airline does not allow customers to change their names on flight bookings. They can only correct any typing mistakes, misspellings, or wrong sequences. However, under special circumstances like marriage or divorce, you can change your name by submitting a request along with proof.

Does Japan Airlines allow full name changes?

Customers cannot change their full name as per Japan Airlines policy. If they want, they have to cancel their booking and make a fresh booking in the name they want. 

What are the restrictions for Japan Airlines' name change?

You can correct your name on Japan Airlines flights in a few conditions. Customers can correct up to 3 characters only in their name. Also, these changes are to be made at least 20 minutes before the departure.

Does Japan Airlines allow free name changes?

The airline does not let customers change/correct their names free of cost. They have to pay a certain fee to make the necessary changes or corrections.

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