How do I change my name on Sun Country Airlines?

If you have made a mistake while booking your flight with Sun Country Airlines, you can easily omit the mistake by paying the administration fee. Changing the name of Sun Country Airlines depends on the change name policy of the airline. People can reach out to the customer service of Sun Country and request to change their name or directly do it yourself through the website by submitting some identity proof.

Name Change Policy of Sun Country Airlines 

Sun country allows customers to make changes to their name, but they have specific policies that the passengers should know. Read the sun country name change policy before changing your flight name. The following are the policies:

  • Passengers cannot transfer the flight ticket to another person by completely changing the name of the flying passenger.
  • Passengers can modify the mistakes in the title that appeared on the flight ticket.
  • After marriage, you can change your name by submitting the marriage certificate.
  • Passengers cannot change their flight route while making changes to the name.

Process of Name Change of Sun Country Flights Online

If you want to know how you can get the sun country name correction, here is a step-by-step guide to making corrections to your flight ticket. Follow the guide to change your name:

  • Step 1: Log in with your account on the official website of Sun Country,
  • Step 2: Go to the “Manage My Booking” option,
  • Step 3: Search your flight ticket by entering the required details like PNR No.or, last name,
  • Step 4: Select the flight ticket in which you want to change your name,
  • Step 5: Click on the change name option,
  • Step 6: Amend the changes you wish to correct,
  • Step 7: Submit the documentation proof like driving license or passport in order to change the name,
  • Step 8: Pay the change name fee if applicable or shown on the website,
  • Step 9: After submitting, your name will be changed, and you will receive an email confirmation from Sun Country.

Process of Name Change of Sun Country Flights Offline

If a person has not stable internet connection and made a mistake on the name on their Sun Country flight ticket, then there is no need to worry. Passengers can sun country name change by offline mode as well by contacting Sun Country customer service. Follow the below instructions to change your name by speaking with an executive of Sun Country Airlines:

  • Dial customer service number 651 905 2737 on your phone,
  • Choose the language in which you want assistance,
  • Press # to speak with a representative about your issue,
  • Connect with the representative request to correct your name,
  • Tell your flight ticket PNR No. & other details the person asked for,
  • Pay the fee online if any charges are applicable,
  • You will receive a message or email regarding the name change on your flight ticket by Sun Country.

Cost of Name Change on Sun Country Airlines

To correct your name on your flight at Sun Country Airlines, you must sometimes pay the change fee charge. And sometimes, it can be done for free. Read the terms to know your case: 

  • If you have booked flight-only tickets and want to make the change, it can be done for free.
  • On booking Flight & Hotel packages, you need to pay the change name fee depending on the flight ticket.
  • At Sun Country Airlines, a minimum of 15 USD is charged on name change per person.

Hence, on making a mistake in your name on the Sun Country flight ticket, you can quickly amend the mistake by online or offline modes. Read the complete process thoroughly and follow the process step by step to correct the name. Sometimes you need to pay the sun country name change fee, and it will be done.

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