Can I change the passenger name on Cebu Pacific?

If you have booked a flight with Cebu Pacific and needed to change the traveler's Name on your booking, you might be contemplating whether it's possible and what steps you want to take. In this blog, we'll explore whether you can make Cebu Pacific name change and how you want to change your booking.

Change the Name on the Cebu Pacific

The short response is. Indeed, you can change the traveler's Name on Cebu Pacific. Thus, it is very important to note that the Process and expenses included will depend on the sort of ticket you bought. For example, if you've purchased a promo fare ticket, which is ordinarily the most reasonable choice, changing the Name on your booking may not be permitted. Promo charges are, in many cases, non-refundable and non-adaptable, meaning you can't change the traveler's Name or return any amount of money that is possible if you can't travel.

Then again, if you've bought a regular fare ticket, changing the Name on your booking might be conceivable, yet may include extra expenses. The expenses included will rely upon the route you're traveling and the separate agreements of your ticket.

How to Change Traveler Name on Cebu Pacific?

If you want to change the traveler name on your Cebu Pacific booking or wish to make a cebu pacific name correction, the initial step is to look at the term and conditions of your pass to decide if it's conceivable and what expenses might be involved. Whenever you've established that a name change is permitted and understand what charges are applied, you can follow these means to change out the Name:

The Process of changing the Name of Cebu Pacific

  • Contact Cebu Pacific: To change the traveler's Name on your booking, you must contact Cebu Pacific. You can do this by calling on the official customer service hotline or visiting one of their tagging workplaces.
  • Give Important information: When you contact Cebu Pacific, have your booking reference number and the names of the first and new travelers prepared. You may likewise have to give extra data, for example, a duplicate of the contemporary traveler's government-provided ID.
  • Pay the Expected Charges: if t a name change is permitted, you'll have to pay any expenses included. The costs will rely upon the course you're traveling and the agreements of your ticket.
  • Get confirmation: After you've paid the necessary expenses, you should get proof that the traveler's Name on your booking has been changed. Check your refreshed booking Details twofold to guarantee everything is correct.

It's vital to note that changing the traveler's Name on your Cebu Pacific booking can be tedious. To avoid any issues, it's ideal to twofold check all reserving details before finishing your buy and that the Name on the ticket matches the Name on the traveler's government-provided ID.

How much does it cost you to change the Name on a plane ticket to Cebu Pacific?

Fee for changing the Name on the Cebu Pacific Airline ticket:

The Cebu Pacific name change fee engaged with changing the Name on a Cebu Pacific ticket differs depending on your route and the kind of ticket you bought. The airline charges a name change expense, commonly between PHP 1,500 and PHP 2,500 but might be higher depending on the course.

It's vital to take note that the name change expense is notwithstanding any fare distinction between the first ticket and the new ticket, which can likewise amount to a significant sum.

Policy and Term &Conditions

Cebu Pacific permits travelers to change the Name on a ticket. However, it should be finished at least four hours before the booked takeoff time. The airline additionally expects the traveler mentioning the name change to be available at the airport checking counter around two hours before takeoff, alongside the first traveler's government-provided ID, the booking reference number, and any necessary expenses.

The Cebu Pacific change name policy for changing the Name on a Cebu Pacific ticket fluctuates depending on the ticket you bought. For instance, promotions and fares, which are regularly the least expensive, are non-refundable, non-adaptable, and can't be changed. Notwithstanding, the average fares might be dependent upon a name change charge.


Changing the Name on a Cebu Pacific ticket can sometimes be time-consuming and expensive. The airline policy and terms & conditions for name changes shift depending upon the sort of ticket you have bought, with promotion passages frequently being non-refundable, non-adaptable, and can't be changed. Familiar quotations might rely on a name change charge, and travelers must contact the airline straightforwardly to start the interaction.

While changing the Name on a Cebu Pacific ticket, look at your ticket's conditions and be ready to pay any necessary expenses. By following the Process in this blog, you can change your passenger name, Cebu Pacific accurately and avoid issues when now is the right time to travel.

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