How early can I check-in with Air China?

Passengers can check-in online between 48 hours to 60 minutes prior to their scheduled departure time. Flights to the United States (including Guam) are subject to local government policy, and the check-in time is between 24 hours to 60 minutes prior to departure.

Air china check-in makes it more comfortable for airline customers. Air China gives freedom to their customers to check-in through online and offline modes; it depends on the passengers according to their convenience, but the preferable option is to have online check-in as it saves your time and money. The extra charges will not be deducted; moreover, you can access it even from your home corner while working in the kitchen.

But the policies play a crucial role in making any process; whether it is the case of check-in, the airline follows these policies strictly to give quality service to their customers. 

The check-in policy that Air china follows:

  • You must arrive at the airport within the period provided by the airline; otherwise, a fine can be deducted.
  • You should have your passport with valid contact details as well visa should be valid; other than that, your documents should be complete. In the case of immigration, you should do all other requirements in advance.
  • All the domestic and international flights will be operating from terminal 3. All the check-in counters will be closed 30 minutes before the flight's departure in case of domestic flights, but if it is an international flight, the counter will close 60 minutes before the departure flight time.
  • All the gates get closed 10 minutes before the departure of the flight.
  • Please be sure that your passport and visa documents should be kept in your handbags, not in the luggage.

Valid travel documents are listed below while check-in is:

  • A resident identification card or temporary identity card
  • The military card in case you are an officer, soldier, trainee, civil or retiree staff.
  • If you are a foreign passenger, a travel certificate and passport are required.
  • For those under 16 years old, the person needs to carry a diplomatic identity card, student ID card, or identification card issued by the police authority.

What is the Air China check-in process?

You can check-in through Air china online check-in mode via computer on their site, or you can perform the process through mobile on the app. The Check-in process with Air china is very easy and simple; you have to follow some simple steps which do not need any rocket science to be done.

So here is the check-in process mentioned below:

  • Visit the official site of Air china on the internet browser.
  • After reaching the home page, you will see a useful links box left of the page.
  • You have to choose the online check-in option; this option will pop with an online form. You need to fill in your identification number (passport e-ticket etc.), passenger name, flight code, mobile phone number, and input verification code. 
  • Then click on the send mobile verification code; the airline will send the code to your registered mobile number; after entering it click on submit button.
  • You will get your check-in receipt with a code, download it and take a print which you can use while boarding the flight.

To make your process short and quick without any error or fault, you need to Air china online check-in time to avoid any disturbance during a check at the airport.

As air china follows multiple checks, which can make you wait for a long time, so be on time and double-check your documents.

Though airline gives freedom to their passenger to have an online check on any means of devices like mobile phone, pc, tab, etc.

Air China check-in online

You need to have your necessary details, such as your identity and phone number, to complete the online check-in process. An online check doesn't need to be sufficient; you still have to check your luggage at the check-in counter at the airport. 

You can still check in with a first-generation ID card, but it should be valid and not expired or revoked.

Airport check-in

After visiting the airport, you need to have all the valid and not expired documents that will ease your process; if you have more baggage, you will fall into the Air china check-in baggage allowance system. Where the passengers have adult and child fare tickets, the baggage allowance is 40 kg for first class, 30 kg for business class, and 20 kg for economy class.

  • They have set dimensions for the luggage, 100 cm length x 60 cm breadth x 40 cm height which does not have to exceed; otherwise, extra charges will be applicable.
  • You can take two pieces of checked luggage free of cost if the respective passenger is traveling with first or business class.
  • That baggage should not exceed 32 kg and dimensions of 158 cm.

Mobile check-in

You can connect with air china through the app if you are busy or at some place where you don't have a cyber cafe, then apart from roaming here and there. 

  • Just download the app of Air china, log in with your account and click on accept the terms and conditions.
  • Then enter your contact details
  • Now select your seat and then check-in.
  • At last, you will receive a two-dimensional barcode and download it for further process.

The airline gives one more option, in case you have completed your check-in using a mobile phone and you want to cancel it due to some reasons, then the airline provides a toll-free number on which the passenger needs to call at least two hours before the departure of the flight. 

You can also reach the airport service counter.

Air China check-in baggage

There are some terms and conditions that every customer traveling by air china flight has to be followed, so you should be aware of the Air China check-in Baggage size limit that the airline authority has set because one error can ruin your journey experience. 

The baggage size should not exceed 100x60x40 cm. This size is sufficient enough to carry any item to avoid extra unnecessary items.

What is the check-in time of Air China?

It is suggested to stay ahead of your time, but still, you can take help from the given points about the Air China check-in time-

  • Air China wants its passengers to reach the airport at least 120 minutes before the flight takes off.
  • If you are checking in online for your Air China flight, then the portal starts at 36 hours and closes 2 hours before the flight's scheduled departure.
  • If you cross the checking-in time limit set by the airline at the time of booking, you might miss your flight.
  • So, before you check-in for your flight, it is better to go through the check-in policy and other standards set forth by Air China based on the type of fare you choose while booking the ticket.

However, if you cannot proceed with Air China check-in, consider contacting the Air China travel consolidators who are always present to help you out with any travel-related problems.

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