How can I efficiently check-in for the Air China flight?


As the name suggests, Air China is the country’s flag carrier and provides impressive facilities to the passengers onboard. Not only that, once you book a flight with Air China, you can take advantage of the airline’s facilities, including the online check-in facility. The Air China check-in online facility is introduced to make the travel experience even easier and as safe as possible. Give some time to this article to better understand how you can check-in online for your Air China flight.

Steps to Air China check-in online-

  • Open the official website of Air China using your preferred search engine.
  • Now, you need to select a country to get understandable and clearer assistance.
  • From the homepage that appears on your screen, you must select the Online Check-In option given on the menu bar.
  • Make sure that you are on the Online Check-In option and not Cancel or Reprint.
  • You need to fill in the required details like Ticket Number, or you can also type in the Passenger Number in the next column.
  • Now you need to enter the passenger’s first name followed by their last name, and lastly, provide your flight number.
  • Once you complete the form by filling in the necessary details, you can click on the Continue button.
  • On the next screen, you see a seat mapping section for your selected flight.
  • Choose an available seat provided by the airline; also, you can choose a seat of your preference by paying some applicable charges.
  • Air China allows its passengers to select special services to enjoy while on the flight, including pre-ordered meals en route to your journey.
  • Choose a service and proceed to pay for the applicable charges if any.
  • Lastly, print or download the boarding pass for your Air China flight.

What is the check-in time of Air China?

It is suggested to stay ahead of your time, but still, you can take help from the given points about the Air China check-in time-

  • Air China wants its passengers to reach the airport at least 120 minutes before the flight takes off.
  • If you are checking in online for your Air China flight, then the portal starts at 36 hours and closes 2 hours before the flight's scheduled departure.
  • If you cross the checking-in time limit set by the airline at the time of booking, you might miss your flight.
  • So, before you check-in for your flight, it is better to go through the check-in policy and other standards set forth by Air China based on the type of fare you choose while booking the ticket.

However, if you cannot proceed with Air China check-in, consider contacting the Air China travel consolidators who are always present to help you out with any travel-related problems.

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