How do I get a hold of WestJet?

Sometimes while traveling with WestJet Airlines, the passengers get issues. They do not know the way through which they can get hold of someone at WestJet Airlines Customer Services. WestJet Airlines gives its customers quality services to make their traveling experience the best. WestJet provides numerous modes to contact them. A detailed description is mentioned below:

Multiple methods to get a hold of WestJet customer service:

Use the medium of Phone:

The calling method is one of the most effective ways to contact the WestJet Airlines Customer Support agent. You can call the WestJet phone Number at 1 (888) 937-8538. The call will be answered by the computer's automated voice that will generate a certain instruction; callers must follow the steps to contact the dealing representative.

Contact via WestJet Live Chat:

If you wish to put WestJet on hold, you can contact the customer services of WestJet Airlines using the chat option. You need to follow some steps to start the Chat with a representative. The instructions are given below:

  • Visit the WestJet Airlines official webpage
  • Select the option Help
  • Click on the Contact us option 
  • Tap on the Chat with us on Messenger, and then you need to fill out your login credentials 
  • Drop your inquiry in the chat box along with your contact information 
  • The representative will provide you the assistance as per your queries.

Use the send an Email option:

WestJet Airlines also provides the option to send an email to contact them, as WestJet Airlines did not provide a direct email to contact them. There are different procedures for sending an email. The steps to send an email are as follows:

  • Open the WestJet Airlines portal.
  • Go to the option Help.
  • Select the Contact us option. 
  • Click on the send an email. 
  • It will take you to the next page, and scroll down the page where you will find the contact form, fill out all the details, and attach your traveling information.
  • Tap on the submit button. 

The agent will reach out to you by email and provide a solution to your query.

How long is the hold time for WestJet?

The approximate hold time of the airline is between 10 to 20 minutes, but the exact WestJet hold time depends on the medium we use to contact the representative. The hold time of different options is described below:

When reached via Phone:

If you are using the phone call process, the hold time is approximately 7 to 8 minutes. To initialize the process, callers must dial the WestJet customer service number followed by pressing one number from the following IVR according to their requirement:

  • Dial 1 (888) 937-8538
  • Press 1 to make flight-ticket booking
  • Press 2 for the cancelation
  • Press 3 to get the special-assistance 
  • Press 4 for the rebooking 

When using Chat medium:

While using the chat option to contact the representative, you will get an instant solution for the queries. If the representative is busy, they will provide you with a reply in approximately 2 to 3 minutes. 

If dropped an email: 

If you send an email to the airline, you will be responded to within 7 to 10 business days.


You can use any of the above-mentioned methods to book, or WestJet hold the fare of your ticket.

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