How do I get a refund from AirBaltic?

Passengers travel with an airline all year round for different reasons, broadly categorized into leisure and business trips. Passengers usually prefer to travel with an airline that gives them the liberty to cancel without much hassle when unavoidable circumstances arise. AirBaltic has recently started its services for passengers to emerge as a well-liked airline among the passengers who choose to fly with them. If passengers traveling with AirBaltic want to get details about the AirBaltic refund policy, they can find all the useful details in the content provided here.

Detailed analysis of the AirBaltic Airlines Refund Policy:

The passenger traveling with AirBaltic is allowed to apply for a refund if and only if they adhere to the refund policy being formulated by the airline. The various aspects associated with the airline's refund policy are:

  • The passenger is allowed to cancel within 24 hours of making a booking with the airline to avail full refund with no additional cost charged.
  • In case the airline makes a delay or cancellation due to technical issues and bad weather conditions, the passenger can initiate an AirBaltic refund for the delayed flight at zero cancellation cost.
  • Major sickness, medical emergency, and death in the family are treated as unfavorable conditions of travel, qualifying for cancellation and subsequent refund. The request would only be approved when the passenger submits proof of the documents corroborating the stated reason.
  • The refund amount that the passenger would receive is also hugely influenced by the ticket type for which the reservation has been made, which is:


    • Classic: The passenger is provided with the refund amount after a deduction of 54 USD once the cancellation is made. A refund fee of 27 USD will be charged if they opt for the gir card.
    • Business light: All tickets purchased under this category are non-refundable, and the passenger can only avail of the tax refund paid for the reservation made.
    • Green and Green Plus: Airlines allow ticket holders from this category to avail of the refund amount of the flight cancellation provision that was selected during the booking. Otherwise, the passenger will only be able to get the tax paid for the ticket.
    • Business: These types of tickets are fully refundable. The passenger needs to cancel within the time period through which the validity of the ticket holds.

Note: The airline can also reward the passenger with a gift card with the same value as the refund amount, which can be used in the next booking.

Brief about the Refund Process associated with AirBaltic:

Once the passenger gets a thorough idea of the policies that govern refund requests, they can proceed with the process to initiate the refund. The two major portals by which the refund request is made have been specified here:

Placing a call with the airline for refund request:

The passenger can connect with the airline's representatives via a call (+371 6700 6006). The representative will then share with the passenger how to initiate the cancellation process and provide details on the AirBaltic refund fee, which will be deducted. The passengers need to give the representative the particulars of their flight and proceed with the cancellation and subsequent refund initiation. Special care should be taken to make the call within working hours with the airline between 07:00 and 22:00 hours from Friday through Monday and 08:00 to 20:00 on weekends.

Cancellation and subsequent refund through the online portal:

If the call is not placed, the passenger can opt for the alternative mode through which the refund is instigated through the official website. See over the simplified steps mentioned by which the passenger can initiate the refund:

  • Skim on the AirBaltic official webpage.
  • Find the Manage Booking link at the top end of the page and tap on it.
  • A drop-down choice would appear where the passenger needs to fill in the Booking Reference or Ticket Number and Surname to retrieve the booking.
  • Examine the menu list options specified and click the Cancel My Booking tab.
  • Obtain the flight details for which the cancellation needs to be made and make the final submission after reviewing the refund payment details.
  • An email with the confirmation statement for the refund processed would be shared with the passenger by mail, where the support ticket number for checking the refund status would be provided.
  • The passenger can use the number to keep track of the refund that has been commenced.

What is the time taken for the airline to initiate the refund?

Once the AirBaltic refund request has been initiated, the airline will process the request within seven business days, which will be credited to the passenger through the bank. The total number of days taken also depends on the service efficiency of the passenger bank.

Final Words: The passenger would get an idea of the refund process after going thoroughly over the details of the refund policy and process that have been discussed in the above-mentioned content for their perusal.

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