How do I get assistance with United Airlines?

When it is a matter of their passengers' needs, United takes every matter into its hands and provides services to its passengers. You can inform them about your needs during your flight booking or before departure and apply for the same. You can get pet service, extra baggage service, and wheelchair service quickly with them. You name it, and you have it when you have a flight with them.

What special assistants United Airlines offer to its passengers?

Be it an older person or a disabled passenger traveling with United Airlines, they take total care of all their needs. Various special assistants that United provides to its passengers are as follows:

Assistance for senior travelers:

If you are an older person or traveling with someone over 65 years old, United Airlines offers Signature Service provided by Global Airport Concierge. Their agents will provide United Airlines assistance elderly as they will personally receive you and take care of all your needs till you board your flight.

Safety assistance for disabled persons:

A person from the United will assist a mentally disabled person exiting the aircraft in an emergency. A passenger unable to move and respond to the emergency instructions will also get this assistance.

Traveling with service animals:

United allows a dog service animal with a disabled person free of charge regardless of its breed. The dog should be over four years old and specially trained to perform tasks or work for the disabled person.

Wheelchair assistance:

You can bring your wheelchair while traveling with United. If you want this assistance from United, you can apply for the same during your booking or add a wheelchair service later. 

How to request wheelchair assistance with United Airlines?

You can add wheelchair assistance at the time you book your flight. You must check on the United website the size of the wheelchair if it will fit in the plane or not. But if you have forgotten.

To add this to your ticket, you can take the following modes to add this service.

On the website:

You can add wheelchair assistance on the website in the following steps:

  • Navigate through the website of United Airlines,
  • Go to the My Trips section.
  • Enter your PNR number and last name.
  • Your ticket with United Airlines will appear on the screen.
  • Click on Special travel assistance to request wheelchair assistance from United Airlines in this section.
  • Go for wheelchair assistance.
  • Select from the option that you need this assistance at the airport or during your flight.
  • Confirm this added service to your flight.
  • You will get the required service from United Airlines as you asked them on your flight.

Contact customer agent:

You can take the following steps to get wheelchair assistance from United Airlines:

  • Navigate through the website of United Airlines.
  • Go to the contact section.
  • Look for the special travel needs section.
  • Click on I need to request the wheelchair service.
  • You will get the United Airlines special assistance phone number, 1-800-228-2744.
  • You can wait for some time and let the IVR process begin.
  • Listen to the instructions carefully to speak with the customer agent.
  • You need to follow the instructions to get in touch with them.
  • As soon as your call is connected, speak coherently with the agent and ask them for special assistance.
  • If you have already booked your flight, they will add the wheelchair as special assistance to your ticket.
  • Once they add the particular service, you will get confirmation from their side for this added service.

United provides manual wheelchairs at airports. You can collect them once you visit their help desk at the airport. You can ask for special assistance from United Airlines when booking or in the My trips section before the flight departure. You can use their customer service's help to avail of these special services.

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