How can you get a hold of Qatar Airways flight?

Do you want to know that how you can hold a Qatar Airways flight? Placing a flight ticket on hold is one of the many outstanding services provided by Qatar Airways to its customers. If you're really uncertain about your booking, you may hold a flight along with the assured fare for up to 72 hours by paying a small cost for it. More information about how you can get a hold of Qatar Airways flight can be found below.

Learn how to get hold of your Qatar Airways flight

In case you are not sure about how to get hold of Qatar Airways flight you can find the details here. The process to put a Qatar Airways flight on hold is mentioned below.

  • Go to the Qatar Airways website on a browser and click the flight booking link
  • Enter your flight requirements for finding a flight that meets them
  • After that select a preferred flight for booking and go to the payment screen
  • You must choose the Hold my booking option on the payment page
  • After that, you will receive a confirmation message to get hold of your Qatar Airways flight

Know the terms & conditions to get hold of Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways permits passengers to get a hold on flights under certain situations. You can know more details about the Qatar Airways hold flight terms and conditions by going through the points mentioned below.

  • You may get a hold of the flight for a minimal cost based on your location and the number of hours you want the reservation to be held that can be 24, 48, or 72 hours.
  • The total fare would be guaranteed for the flight you choose to hold, and you will be secured from price fluctuations.
  • If the transaction is not processed within the specified time limit, the flight you put on hold with Qatar Airways will be cancelled.
  • Hold my booking a cost that you have paid is not subtracted from the ticket cost because it is non-refundable.

For any further information related to holding a flight, you can contact Qatar Airways customer service and request them to provide assistance for the same. In case, you need any other travel-related help then also you can get in touch with the customer service team of Qatar Airways. They offer complete support to both the existing and new customers through a very supportive team of customer care personal.


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