How can I get in touch with KLM?

KLM Airlines has been in the hospitality industry for a very good span of time. It has its base planted well and is known for providing services in the industry of hospitality, Whether it is the advantage of providing comfort to the passengers while flying or by giving the comfort of contacting KLM from the ease of their home. KLM provides very good customer service. If you’re looking out for ways to contact KLM from your home for any problem or query you are facing, you can follow the below-mentioned steps;

Ways to contact KLM customer service representative-

  • Log on or continue as a guest on the official website of KLM
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  • You’ll find a section of ‘Contact Us’ there.
  • You’ll find three options over there.
  1. Phone
  2. 24/7 via WhatsApp
  3. 24/7 via Messenger

Contact KLM via its phone number-  

Below are steps to contact KLM customer service and get a live person on the phone:

  • Dial the phone number 1-800-618-0104
  • Press 1 for English
  • Speak “Continue without that” or press star
  • Speak “no” or press 2
  • Stay on the line
  • After that, the automated phone system will connect you to a live customer service representative from KLM

Does KLM have WhatsApp?

  • If you choose the Whatsapp option, it will redirect you to a new webpage.
  • On the webpage, it will ASK you to open Whatsapp web with the help of your phone.
  • The page will be showcasing an option of ‘Start a chat’
  • The moment you click on that, a new chat with the KLM customer executive will begin.
  • You’ll be in a queue for a short span of time, but pretty soon, a customer service executive will join you.

Therefore, with the help of the above-mentioned points, you can easily contact the KLM customer service number on WhatsApp.

24/7 via KLM Social Messenger- 

  • With the help of the messenger option visit:
  • It will redirect you to a page through which you can contact KLM with the help of your Facebook id.
  • On the following page, enter your login id and password.
  • Click on login.
  • And a chat with the executive of KLM will begin, thus you can type in all of your queries and problems over there to the executive.

KLM Social Networks Customer Service

  • KLM customer service possibly will be contacted via the KLM Facebook page. Usually, the KLM customer service agent replies within an hour.
  • You can also get in touch with KLM support via the KLM Twitter page
  • KLM customer service possibly will be contacted via the KLM WhatsApp page.

KLM support email

You are able to send an email to KLM at the KLM Contact page by clicking the “Send us an email” link.

KLM Live Chat Support

Live chat customer service is not accessible from KLM. To contact a live customer service agent you need to dial 1-800-618-0104 and follow the above instruction.

Thus, the above-mentioned points are the methods to contact the KLM customer service in a hassle-free manner. Whether it is by the comfort of calling from your home or chatting on Whatsapp or messenger with the executive of KLM, every measure is taken for the comfort of the passengers.

KLM Help Page

You can come across further information on the KLM Customer Service page.

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