How Can I Get Through to Avianca?

So you booked a ticket at this Colombian airline and now need to get in touch with the company. Perhaps you need to ask for a special service, maybe some help with the baggage. In this article, you will find all the details to contact Avianca customer service in detail, so keep reading.

Steps to Get in Touch with Avianca Airline

Sometimes we need to contact customer care and get immediate assistance directly. If you wish to get in touch with a live person at the airline, do so.

  • Dial 1 (800) 284-2622
  • Once you are connected, press 1 to hear the available languages.
  • To get to current or existing bookings, Press 2.
  • Press 3 for refund and cancellation-related queries.
  • To know about baggage policy, Press 4.
  • Finally, you can Press 5 to talk to a live person through Avianca customer service at the airlines.

Based on your region and the number you dial, you can also follow the given steps to contact the airlines properly.

  • Get the phone number for your region. 
  • Once connected, listen to the options.
  • Say "Reservation" or "Booking" after listening.
  • Say "Complaint" or "Feedback" based on what you need.
  • You can also say "Speak to a Representative" to directly contact a live person.
  • You can press 7 to repeat the menu or choose another option if you need.

What is the Best Time to Connect Avianca Representative? 

The airlines provide excellent customer service as the Avianca customer service hours are from Monday-Sunday and 24 hours a day. So customer care representatives are available for assistance 24/7. But in general, it is best to get in touch early in the morning as the number of calls to airlines is less, so you have more probability of getting connected quickly. When you call the local number, the active time is mentioned on the site next to the phone number.

Methods to Connect to Avianca Airlines

The airline provides many ways for its passengers to connect with them. The following list mentions various ways in which you can connect.

  • Get in touch with Vianca: Vianca is an AI assistant for the airlines and can chat with you to give you solutions for your queries. Go to the contact us section. Scan the QR code given. You can also add them to your contact, save the Avianca contact number (+57 3114006797). 
  • Next, enter your LifeMiles frequent flyer number to continue if you don't have one, don't worry; continue as a guest. Vianca and the team will assist you.
  • Contact through email: you can easily get the email id at the official webpage of the airlines. Choose the email id method while on the page to get the official email id from the airlines.
  • Live Chat: when you visit the help page, a live chat pop-up appears. You can immediately start chatting with customer care.
  • Through Social Media: sometimes, customers also connect through Facebook and Twitter. You can drop your query at the Facebook page @AviancaGlobal or Twitter them at @Avianca. Both are verified accounts.

The official toll-free number on the website is 018000-953-434.To get the helpline number of your area, visit the official website and choose your area. For example, people living in the USA can call the Avianca USA phone number and get the support needed. Customer care is well trained for any query.

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