How to make online check-in for Jazeera Airways?

Suppose you have purchased a flight ticket at Jazeera Airways, which has a boarding date in a few days. In that case, you may want to consider the options of Jazeera Airways check-in. To save your time from the long queues at the airport, you can take advantage of the online check-in and get your boarding pass without reaching the airport. Learn about the procedure of check-in and save time. 

Steps for Online Check-in at Jazeera Airways

Below the required steps are mentioned following which you can do the web check-in for your flight:

  • Open the Jazeera Website on your device,
  • Click the Check-in window on the homepage,
  • Enter the Booking reference and email or last name,
  • Then click on the “Online Check-In” button,
  • Select the passengers you want to do the web check-in,
  • You may require to enter some additional details,
  • Fill out the columns needed for check-in,
  • Select a particular service if you want or press the Skip button,
  • Choose the Seat Selection option if you want,
  • Then complete the online check-in procedure.

After completing the Jazeera Airways web check-in, your boarding pass will be sent to your email, from where you can download the boarding pass and take a printout if you want. Also, consider the web check-in timings to know when you can obtain the boarding pass. 

What is the web check-in time at Jazeera Airways?

The online check-in starts 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure, and the closing time for check-in is 45 minutes for international flights and 30 minutes for domestic flights. You must complete the procedure between Jazeera Airways check-in time and receiving your boarding pass. 

How to check my flight ticket on Jazeera Airways? 

Suppose you booked your flight ticket a few months or a few days ago at Jazeera Airways and now want to check the details of your flight but are wondering where you can check your flight ticket; then worry not. Below you will find the methods of checking your flight with guided steps.

Check your flight ticket on the website

You can check your flight directly on the Jazeera Airways site. You are required to use the booking reference number to retrieve the flight booking. If you do not have the Booking Reference number, use the email id with which you booked. Follow the steps and retrieve your flight ticket:

  • Go to the Jazeera Airways site on your browser,
  • Sign in with your account on the site,
  • Then move to the “Manage Booking” tab on the homepage,
  • Your flight ticket will appear on the Manage Booking page. 

Check your flight ticket via Email 

Jazeera Airways must have shared a confirmation email with you after booking a flight ticket. You can check that confirmation email to view your flight ticket. Go to your email application, search for the Jazeera Airways mail, and locate the flight booking confirmation email. Open the email on your screen, and download the flight ticket attached to the mail. Now, you can check your Jazeera Airways flight ticket. 

How many bags can you take in Jazeera Airways? 

To learn how many bags you can take in Jazeera Airways, check out their baggage policies. Below are the baggage allowance listed category-wise:

Carry-On Baggage 

  • One piece of carry-on baggage is allowed for Economy Class passengers.
  • Two pieces of luggage are permitted for Business class flying passengers.
  • The maximum weight of the baggage for economy class is 7 kg. 
  • A business class passenger can take bags with a total weight of 15 kg. 
  • The baggage size for economy and business class is limited to 55*40*20 cm.

Checked In Baggage

  • For Economy Class Jazeera Airways check-in baggage allowance are as follows based on the fare types:
    • Light: No check-in bags are allowed 
    • Value: 1 bag is allowed of 20 kg
    • Extra: 2 bags are allowed each of 30 kg. 
  1. dimensions of checked-in baggage are 158 cm.
  2. business class passengers are allowed to take three bags. Total weight of 60 kg. 

Excess Baggage

If you want to take luggage more than the baggage allotted to you on your fare type at Jazeera Airways, you need to buy the excess baggage as per your requirement, online or at the airport. The cost for the first 10 kg is KWD 10, and the cost adds on as you increase the tidal weight.

It would help if you considered the baggage allowance to avoid the last moment mess at the airport. The baggage must be under the limit of Jazeera Airways check-in baggage size and weight depending on your fare type. If you require taking excess baggage, then make sure to purchase extra baggage in advance so that you can get through security smoothly. 

How can I check my Jazeera booking status?

If you are wondering how to check the flight status of your booked flight at Jazeera Airways, below you will find the different ways. Follow the procedure on the way and learn the status of your booking. 

Through Website

Passengers can learn about their booking status from the Manage Booking option of the Jazeera Airways site. You need to follow the instructions to check you’re booking status:

  • Head to the homepage of Jazeera Airways
  • Open the Manage Booking window,
  • Enter the Reference Number and Last Name 
  • Then click the “Access Booking” button,
  • You will get the details of your booking on the screen,
  • Navigate the “Flight Status” button,
  • After that, your real-time booking status will be shown on the same page. 

Through Customer Service

A passenger can ask for their booking status from a Jazeera Airways customer service representative. Reach out the customer care via calling with your booking reference or PNR number and learn about the status. Follow the instructions to connect with a representative:

  • Dial their customer care number: 011-965-2205-4944,
  • Connect with a representative after selecting the suitable key
  • Ask the representative to check your booking status at Jazeera Airways,
  • Give the reference number of your booking and last name to search,
  • The representative will provide you with your booking status shortly.

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