How can I refund my Air India Express ticket?


This is an Indian low-cost airline & is headquartered in Kochi, Kerala. It is one of the flag carrier airlines in India. It covers around 33 destinations that include Southeast Asia & Middle East. Air India Express's service is very good, & passengers traveling with these airlines do not complain about the services.

So, to know about the Air India refund policy, then you should go through these steps that will help you to know about the refund policy of Air India;

  • At Air India Express carrier the fares & charges are payable in any kind of currency & are acceptable.
  • Refund payment must be made within a year of cancellation of the passenger's booking.
  • Cancellation & the refund rules may differ from different fare types.
  • Refunds are given back only if the passenger ticket is bought on a refundable fare.
  • On the non-refundable ticket, the full refund scheme is not applicable & the passengers will not get any refunds on non–refundable ticket.
  • Refunds are applied within 24 hours of cancellations & full refunds are provided to the passengers.

Air India refund policy due to Covid

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the refund policy of Air India is like a memorandum that was issued from the Ministry of Civil Aviation, that denotes that all the passengers will be allowed a full refund & there will be no deduction on the cancellation charges for all the bookings that were made in the period of lockdown or for the same period. This rule is applicable to both Domestic & International travel.

Passengers who want to get the ticket refunds back can directly contact the Air India Office from where they can get the Air India refund policy due to Covid, travel agent, or online portal through which they have booked their flight ticket.

Air India refund policy for cancelled flights

If the passengers go with the canceled flight ticket refunds, then you should keep these points in mind, and the Air India refund policy for canceled flights, are very easy steps to remember ;

  • If the passenger wants to book a new flight ticket in a lower fare class, than that of an earlier canceled booked flight ticket, then the difference of fares will not be refunded to the passengers.
  • And if the new flight booking has been taken with a higher fare class than that of canceled book flights, then the difference of fare shall be paid by the passenger, before the change or before the cancellation is done.

Hence if you want to get further information regarding the refund policy of Air India Express, then you are free to visit the official website of the airline, from where you can get the helpline number of the airlines, through which you can get direct assistance of the customer support team who will guide you about the Air India refund policy, & will guide you that how you can apply for the full refunds from the airlines. The customer support team is equipped with professionals & that can assist you in your problems. The customer care support team is available 24*7 to assist you & provide you with great & relatable answers.


Customer service: 1 (888) 634-1407

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