How do I upgrade my seat on EVA Air?

Eva Air is a Taiwanese airline based in Taipei, Taiwan. The airline offers a variety of seating options for passengers, including economy class, Premium economy, and business class. However, the EVA Air seat upgrade process is simple that can be done online or through the airline's customer center. 

Here are the ways to upgrade the seat on Eva Air


  • Go to the EVA Air website and log into your account.
  • Select the flight you wish to upgrade to, Premium Laurel, Business class, etc. 
  • Review the upgrade cost and confirm your selection. 
  • Make the payment online, and your seat will be upgraded immediately.

Customer service center:

  • Contact the Eva Air customer service center by phone or in person at the Airport. 
  • Provide the customer service representative with your booking information and the flight you wish to upgrade. 
  • Select the seat class you wish to upgrade and review the upgrade cost. 
  • Make the payment, and your seat will be boosted immediately.

EVA Air upgrade to premium economy cost

It is worth noting that seat upgrades are subject to availability, and the EVA Air seat upgrade cost can vary depending on factors such as the route, class of service, and time of booking. And also, you can use the frequent flyer miles for seat upgrades, so check your account and see if you have enough miles for seat upgrades. Eva Air charges around $10 for advance short-haul and $30 for long-haul flights. If you travel on a flexible fare, you can upgrade your seat at the Airport for free.

Does Eva premium economy get lounge access?

EVA Air's Premium Economy class, also known as Elite Class, offers passengers a step up in comfort and amenities compared to standard economy class. One of the perks of Elite Class is access to the airline's lounge. EVA Air operates a network of lounges at airports worldwide, and Elite Class passengers are welcome to use these lounges before their flights. The lounges provide a comfortable and relaxing space for passengers to wait for their flight, with comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, power outlets, and food and beverages.

In addition to the EVA Air upgrade to premium economy Process, the passenger with premium economy access has additional perks such as priority boarding and baggage handling. These perks are designed to make the travel experience more comfortable and enjoyable for Elite Class passengers. It's worth noting that lounge access varies depending on the route and the Airport. Some lounges may have more amenities than others, and lounge access may not be available at certain airports. Passengers should check with EVA Air for specific lounge information for their route. Thus, Elite class passengers of EVA Air are granted lounge access as a part of their travel experience.

How do I get into EVA Air Lounge?

Here are a few ways to gain access to the EVA Air lounge:

  • Book a Business or Elite Class ticket: Passengers who book a Business or Elite Class ticket on EVA Air flights will have access to the airline's lounges. These lounges offer comfortable seating, complimentary food and drinks, and other amenities to make your wait before your flight more pleasant.
  • Join the Infinity MileageLands program: EVA Air's frequent flyer program, Infinity MileageLands, offers lounge access as a perk for members. The more miles you fly with EVA Air, the higher your membership level and the more lounge access you will have.
  • Purchase a lounge pass: EVA Air also offers one-time lounge passes for purchase for passengers who are not traveling in Business or Elite Class or are not members of the Infinity MileageLands program. These passes can be purchased at the Airport or in advance through the EVA Air website.
  • Credit card lounge access: Some premium credit cards offer lounge access as a perk, including EVA Air's partner credit card, such as the American Express Platinum card, Citi Prestige card, etc. You can check out this with your credit card issuer to see if this is a benefit they offer.
  • Lounge membership programs: Programs like Priority Pass and LoungeKey offer a membership that grants you access to EVA Air lounges and other lounges worldwide.

To make the most of your lounge experience, check the hours of operation and amenities offered at the lounge you will be visiting. 

How do I get EVA Air Silver status?

EVA Air offers a frequent flyer program called Infinity MileageLands. Members can earn miles by flying with EVA Air and its partners and through credit card purchases and other activities. To earn EVA Air silver card status with Infinity MileageLands, you must accumulate a certain number of miles or flight segments within a calendar year. The specific requirements may vary depending on the program's terms and conditions.

You can check the Infinity MileageLands website for more information on how to earn Silver status and the benefits it provides.

The Bottom line

Overall, upgrading your seat on Eva Air is a straightforward process that can be done online or through the customer service center. It's essential to check the availability and EVA Air upgrade to premium economy cost in advance of your flight to ensure that you can get the seat you want at a price that works for you.

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