How can I get a reservation hold of British Airways?

Flag-carrier of the United Kingdom, British Airways is known for its impressive ground services and inflight facilities. The airline is endowed with all the necessary amenities that can make your travel experience smoother and effortless. Also, if you have second thoughts regarding your travel plans, you can very efficiently put your reservation on hold for some time. British Airways hold fare for about 21 days before the scheduled departure of the flight. Take a look at this article if you need any further information about the British Airways hold facility.

Reservation hold terms and conditions at BA

If you wish to travel abroad on British Airways but are not sure about the itinerary yet, do not worry as British Airways provides a reservation hold facility. Take a look at the below-mentioned points before you put your reservation on hold-

  • Only one traveler's name is required to hold a flight on British Airways, and the rest of the terms can be added within 72 hours of the held booking.
  • A traveler can hold their British Airways flight for up to 21 days before the scheduled departure of the chosen flight.
  • For the UK and Europe, British Airways hold ticket fees of around £5 and €5 per person respectively if you have booked a short-haul flight. 
  • If you have booked a long-haul flight, then you might have to pay around £10, $10 for travelers from the United Kingdom and Europe, respectively.
  • As the new updates suggest, travelers can hold their reservation for up to 72 hours before the flight's scheduled departure.
  • The airfare does not elevate, and you will have to pay the same price shown when holding the reservation.
  • If the additional taxes, fees, or applied charges go down, then your total fare will go down too. However, if they go up, the airline is responsible for covering the extra cost.

How to hold a reservation on British Airways?

You need to follow the given steps if you need to hold your BA reservations-

  • Book a flight, and then on the payment page, you will get a Hold flight option if you are eligible to hold your flight.
  • Now, you have to log in or register to your account and proceed to pay the fee of holding your reservation.
  • Once you comply with the formalities, you will receive an email confirming the hold along with the link to your itinerary.

British airways customer service is always available if you need any further assistance to hold your flight reservation for some time. Book a flight with British Airways to experience an untroubled flight to your journey

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