How Do I Avoid Baggage Fees on Frontier Airlines?

If you are planning to travel by Frontier Airlines but have extra luggage, you should try to avoid paying the additional baggage charges. There are few ways in which you can save money by avoiding the baggage charges. You may go through this post as here you will find some important points to consider avoiding baggage fees. Apart from Frontier Airlines baggage policy, these tips will help you to get rid of the additional charges on baggage. So read along.

Things to Consider While Traveling with Frontier Airlines to Avoid Baggage Fees

Only Pack a Personal Item - When you want to avoid extra paying on the baggage, you should try to pack only essential things and enough clothes that can manage your few days trip. Moreover, pack your clothes in a way that can be fit without occupying more space.

Pay for Baggage during Booking - If you are sure of traveling with baggage, you should purchase it while making reservations. During your flight booking, the baggage rates are cheaper and you can avoid paying extra charges at check-in or the airport. As per the Frontier Airlines baggage policy, you need to pay the additional charges for extra baggage.

Buy a Specialty Fare - You can buy specialty fares to save money on baggage and get other perks. There are "the WORKS" and "the PERKS" which can be accessed only on the roundtrip. In this, you can get one carry-on and checked baggage for each passenger on your Frontier Airlines flight booking.

Use the myFRONTIER Loyalty Program - The airline offers a loyalty program for all for free. When you travel through a flight, you earn a mile for every mile you travel and that can be redeemed for rewards. Once you earn 20,000 miles, you achieve a free carry-on bag for each flight and checked baggage on reaching 100,000 miles.

Utilize Your Fee Credits and Other Perks - If you have travel credit cards, you may get the perks of traveling with free checked baggage on Frontier Airlines.

With these points, you can save money on baggage while traveling with Frontier Airlines. Also, you can save lots of money without paying the charges. Apart from this, you will no longer wonder how do I avoid baggage fees on Frontier Airlines. In case you still have more queries related to the baggage policy of the airline, you can contact the customer service team. The support team will help you thoroughly over a phone call. So, dial the number and get instant help from experts.

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