Details on how to request Assistance on British Airways

If you are traveling with any passenger who is disabled physically or any other way, then you should go for British Airways because they provide special assistance to the passengers. You can book flights with British Airways and then avail those special services that will help disabled passengers to travel without any hindrances.

How do I request assistance with British Airways?

British Airways is a significant flag-carrier of the United Kingdom and strives to provide its services in many scenic destinations. The airline has introduced "a special assistance" facility to help you get through the onboarding process worry-free. You can book assistance at British Airways before and after you complete the reservation process. 

So, if you also need to request assistance with British Airways in real-time, this article can help you save time and effort. Keep reading the article, and you can get proper knowledge about how you can book special assistance at British Airways.

Special Assistance provided by British Airways

  1. At the airport

Depending on the needs and requirements put forth by passengers, British Airways feels highly obliged to arrange:

  • Proper assistance and escort to and from the British aircraft,
  • Necessary help with stairs and steps,
  • To make transport with a wheelchair smooth, the airline provides mobility aid.
  1. In the aircraft
  • The cabin staff will help you get to your seat comfortably in the aircraft,
  • They will help you store and receive back your hand baggage,
  • To go to the washroom, the cabin crew can help you cover the distance from your seat.

The British Airways disability assistance helps you get all the necessary flight information and other services to make your travel experience even smoother. Contact the Accessibility Team provided by British Airways, and you can make your special requirements heard efficiently.

Booking special assistance in the flights of the British Airways

Before boarding the flight of British Airways, you can inform the airline and then sign up for the British Airways flight assistance. And for applying for the special services, there are a few things that the passenger should be aware of. Here it goes!

  1. If you are a senior citizen or passenger with any sort of disability, then you can apply for this service.
  2. You can access the special assistance services of British Air, you should have a confirmed flight reservation and only then you can apply for it.
  3. Log in to your booking page and enter the reservation details. Now from here look for mobility and disability assistance.
  4. Now next pick the kind of services you are looking for yourself. You can choose from the wheelchair, hearing machine, or visual device.
  5. You can even speak directly to the accessibility team of British Air and after that, you can get the bookings confirmed.

Terms and conditions attached with the British Airways special assistance 

  1. To be able to get the special assistance of the British Air special assistance services, make sure to inform the airline well in advance. To be able to access the services, you have to report to the airline within 48 hours. 
  2. Once your bookings are confirmed, try to reach the airport on time. Ensure to report to the airport maximum of 2 hours before the flight takes off. As you reach early, the special assistance staff will also be able to attend to you timely.
  3. You can visit the website of the airline or call the helpline number to read more about the terms and conditions of British Airways. You can find out about all the details and then book the services. 
  4. In case you arrive late at the airport, you won’t be able to get the services from the special service staff.

And henceforth with the help of the following mediums, one can easily reach out to the airline for the services you are applying for. And if you feel you have any doubt or inquiries, then you can contact the British Airways customer service.

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Regarding requesting special assistance visit:

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