How Do I Cancel My Trip Flex Flight on Allegiant


There are no methods provided by Trip Flex for the modification of flight and cancellation costs will apply. Trip Flex should only be used once and any future order for adjustment and/or cancellation shall be processed without Trip Flex. It needs to comply with all the above-mentioned timetables, policies and fees as a route.

Trip Flex flight can be cancelled within 24 hours from purchase unless improvements to the itinerary have been made. If Customer Service is used to cancel my trip flex flight on Allegiant within 24 hours, the payment is charged from the customer. Non-returnable and non-transferable vouchers are issued if Trip Flex is cancelled in line for a potential travel period from the initial book date of 730 days. Further, the expiry dates of vouchers cannot be extended. The cancellation policies are mentioned below:

How Can My Trip Flex Flight Be Cancelled on Allegiant

  • The cancellation can be done only one (1) hour before the scheduled departure of the air ticket section of the itinerary but all other kit items such as hotel, vehicles and events will be forfeited.
  • Modifications to the itinerary for a holiday kit must be completed at least 72 hours before departure. The availability and any rises in airfare, car rental charges and hotel prices are subject to both modifications and deductions.
  • Full path cancellations are needed to be filled out at least 72 (72) hours before scheduled departure. The business charges, Trip Flex flight expenses and corresponding booking fees shall continue to be maintained.
  • A non-refundable, non-transferable coupon valid for future Trip Flex flight travel will be issued for 730 days (two years) from the initial booking date on eligible itineraries of loan balances resulting from adjustments or cancellations. This cannot extend the expiry date of a voucher.

For any improvements in airfare, coach rental, accommodation etc., the passengers will be responsible. Further, to cancel my allegiant flight, you need to cancel it 24 hours before purchase unless there are any improvements in the route. It can be concluded that a refund will be issued if Trip Flex flight is cancelled by Customer Service within 24 hours or if a credit coupon is issued electronically for future Allegiant Air trips.

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