Things to know about Air China change flight policy

Air China is one of the most customer-friendly airlines and provides flexible change policies. The change policy becomes crucial when you face travel irregularities and cannot afford flight cancellation charges. Though you might have to pay flight date change charges, you can skip paying them if you complete the formalities within a day of booking.

Moreover, several other Air China flight change policy can benefit you in real-time. Want information about the policies? This article can help you efficiently as here you find essential flight change terms and conditions along with the procedure of flight date change.

So, keep reading to stay on the safe side and bring changes at your convenience!

General Terms & Conditions of Air China flight change

Check out the given terms and conditions as mentioned by the airline to benefit its travelers:

  • The Air China change policy states that you can make the said changes on the same day of reservation and skip paying the change charges.
  • However, it is important that you have a confirmed reservation and a valid ticket number to make the necessary alteration.
  • And, you must initiate the flight date change process before you check-in for your flight. If you want to make the changes after the check-in, you must pay the 100% ticket value against the change.
  • When you surpass the risk-free period of the flight date change, you must pay the applicable charges imposed based on fare type and itinerary scheduled.
  • Travelers requiring Air China flight change must abide by the policy; otherwise, the airline imposes a considerable change charge for the itinerary.

Air China Same Day Flight Change 

  • If you wish to change the flight date on the same day of its departure, it is necessary that you originally purchased the ticket from the same platform.
  • The same-day change policy stays inapplicable if you have already checked in for your flight.
  • If you want to make changes offline on the same day of the departure, the airline requires you to pay a service fee and the change fees.

So, consider the mentioned terms and conditions associated with changing flights at Air China. However, there are some applicable charges that you must pay to alter the flight details. Keep reading to get sufficient knowledge about the flight change fee.

Air China change flight fee

Below-mentioned is the applicable charges and conditions when you are required to pay them; check out:

  • The flight date change charges depend on the price category applied when you booked the ticket with Air China. Mostly, it varies between $100-350, so check before you change!
  • As per the Air China change flight fee policy, if the airline cancels the reservation, you must not pay any charges.
  • If you booked a domestic flight, you need to pay the flight change charges starting from $50 and up to $200.

So, ensure that you make the changes within the standard time mentioned by Air China to avoid any extra charges. Now you have essential details; you can proceed forward and bring the changes to your existing reservation.

How can you change flight dates on Air China?

Want to change flight dates on your Air China reservation? Here are the reliable steps to look forward to:

  • Use your preferred search engine and browse Air China's official homepage.
  • Enter the login details as prompted on your screen, including your username and password.
  • Once you access your account, go to the Manage My Trip section; enter the booking code followed by the passenger's last name.
  • Select your trip, make necessary changes and pay the applicable charges.
  • The airline sends you the flight change confirmation message on the registered email address.

Now you know the easy method of proceeding with the Air China change flight date formalities. So, go online and make the necessary changes to reschedule your flight without further ado. You can also call up Air China if you cannot process the change on your own!

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