How do I change my name on Alitalia flights?

If you have unintentionally given the wrong spelling of your name and are panicking, stop panicking, as you can make the changes in your flight tickets. If you are unsure how to make the changes, read the context below and know the step-by-step procedure, rules, and policy for a name change. Read through the context and make sure all the details, including your name, are not misspelled on your Alitalia Airlines flight ticket.

The Alitalia Airlines terms and conditions for a name change

Always keep in mind that knowing the terms and conditions of certain procedures is the best habit, as you won't make any mistakes or have a hassle-free travel experience with the airlines. Go through the Alitalia name change terms and conditions and make the changes.

  • You are only allowed to make minor changes in your name and not change your entire name on your flight tickets.
  • You cannot make any other changes during the name-changing process, such as the date and seat changes.
  • You can only make the name change on the flight ticket once.
  • You need to make a change fee to make the changes.

The name change that is allowed on Alitalia Airlines:

Now that you know the Alitalia name change policy and the conditions, you also need to know the types of name corrections that can be made on your flight tickets. Go through the points and change if the correction you need to make comes under the category.

  • Any misspelled first or last name
  • If you have given a nickname and what to change to an official name.
  • I want to add a middle name.
  • Need to change the surname.
  • Misspelt middle name

The step-by-step procedure for a name change

Using the online method:

Unfortunately, if you have misspelled your name, you can use the official online website of Alitalia Airlines to make the name change. If you are unsure how to make the changes or have never used the manage option on the online website, you can use the steps below.

  • You need to go to the official web portal of Alitalia Airlines.
  • Then, tap on Manage My Booking from the main panel.
  • Now enter the confirmation code of the ticket and your last name.
  • The details of the flight are given on the following page.
  • Click on the flight details and click on the name change option.
  • Make the changes and proceed to the name change fee.
  • Once the change is successful, you will get your updated tickets on your registered email address.

You can also use the email option to make the changes if you are not comfortable with calling the customer service department of Alitalia Airlines.

Using the offline method:

The offline method is nothing but contacting the customer service of Alitalia Airlines and getting help to make the changes. To make the Alitalia change name on ticket, you can get help from a professional; if you are unsure how to contact the service team, use the points below.

  • You need first to visit the official website of Alitalia.
  • Now, when you are on the main portal, you need to look for the contact option.
  • You will then be diverted to the contact page, where you get options to contact the service team department.
  • Use the customer service number and follow the pre-recorded instructions.
  • When connected to the live agent, you can give the flight and passenger details.
  • Now make the change and, after the change, make the change fee.
  • Once the process is made, you will get your updated flight tickets to your registered email address with Alitalia.

Note: If you have made a reservation using the agency, you must contact the agency and make the changes; the procedure given in the above points is only applicable if you have made a reservation on Alitalia Airlines from the official website.

At the ticket counter:

The Alitalia name correction can be made at the ticket counter if you are already at the airport. Reach out to the live agent at the counter, given that the flight and the passenger details do not explain your issues, and make the required changes. Make the payment and get your flight tickets.

How much is the name change fee on Alitalia Airlines?

If you need to make the name change on Alitalia Airlines, you need to make a name change fee to proceed. Usually, the name change fee can be between 100 to 200 USD depending on the region. Make sure to contact the service team department of the airline to know about the actual fee for the name change.

Wrap up:

Hence from the above information, you must have known that you don't have to worry if there is an error in your name and how you can easily make the changes to your flight tickets. If you are facing any issues with the name change process or are confused with the policy, contact the service team department and get help immediately.

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