Can you change the name on ticket Hawaiian Airlines?

Travelers made a typo error while booking Hawaiian flights. Suppose you made a mistake and need to rectify the name on your ticket. Passengers are permitted to modify their tickets via customer support. If you encounter any issues while changing the name on your flight ticket, passengers must contact customer support. However, there is a certain Hawaiian Airlines name change policy that you need to follow. So, keep scrolling to find the guidelines. 

What are Hawaiian Airlines' name change conditions? 

You need to rectify the name on the ticket; check the instructions mentioned below to find out whether you are eligible to modify the name on your passport: 

  • You can edit up to 3 characters of your name on the ticket to easily rectify the misspellings. 
  • The airline doesn’t allow changing the flight ticket's complete name. If you need to change the name, passengers must cancel the flight to rebook a new one. 
  • Moreover, Hawaiian Airlines allows to change the legal name. However, you have to provide all the supporting legal documents. 
  • Passengers who made the reservation via a third party can also modify the name by paying the change fee of around $25 per ticket. You must contact the third party if the ticket number doesn’t start with 173. 

You can check the fare conditions sent to your confirmation mail when making a reservation. If you have any issues, passengers can contact the Hawaiian Airlines phone number for assistance. 

How can I change the name on my Hawaiian Airlines ticket? 

The Hawaiian Airlines name change can be done through customer support via phone. The airline doesn’t allow modifying the name online via managing flights. 

Dial the contact number 1 (877) 426-4537 for guidance. You must choose the language and follow the right IVR option to connect with the agents. The helpline number is approachable around the clock to guide you. 

What is the best time to speak with the agents? 

Even though phone support is available 24 hours a day, representatives can’t respond to your call immediately due to an overflow of calls. The average waiting time is nearly 20 minutes. So, the most suitable time to talk with the agents is the early hours because fewer calls are received by the airline. 

Can I modify the Hawaiian ticket at the airport? 

Before check-in, passengers can ask for help from the customer agents accessible at the ticket counter. You must share the ticket confirmation number and last name to open the flight details. However, agents can only change your ticket at the last minute when the key is booked directly from the airline. 

What is the Hawaiian Airlines name change cost

The airline doesn’t charge you to modify the name on your reservation. There is no Hawaiian Airlines name change fee to be borne by the passengers. But, it can cost you around $ 25 when the reservation is made through a third party. 

Who is ineligible to change the name? 

According to Hawaiian Airlines ' name change policy, travelers can’t change their complete name or transfer their reservation to someone elseWhen there is an emergency to change the name on the ticket, you must cancel the flight and pay the cancelation cost charged by the airline to rebook the flight. 

What are the documents required to change the name? 

For Hawaiian Airlines name correction, flyers have to submit the following documents: 

  • Legal name modification: you have to change the ticket name because of divorce, marriage, or other reasons. You must offer valid documents to make a legal name change, such as a Marriage Certificate, Court Orders, Divorce Decree, and Passport. Contact the customer preservative and share the documents when asked by the agents. 
  • Misspellings: suppose you need to change the nickname to the full name or include the middle name. You don’t have to provide any specific document. A passport is sufficient. However, you can change only 3 characters. 

How can Hawaiian frequent flyers change the name on their ticket? 

You must alter the name on your Hawaiian Airlines Mileage account to change the ticket name. Mileage profile name change can take up to two weeks. Besides, you are required to submit the legal paperwork at the time of requesting the name change. Your request can include marital status, nicknames, military titles, hyphenated, inverted, or misspelled names. 

Passengers need to send an email to [email protected] to begin the name change process. The mail should include the account holder’s name, frequent flyer number, date of birth, email address, and contact number should be included in your correspondence. Moreover, a copy of a court order with the marriage certificate, divorce decree, or other official documents needs to be shared. If you have any issues, dial 1 (877) 426-4537 for assistance. 

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