Can you change the name on ticket Hawaiian Airlines?

A Detailed Guide about the Name Change Policy at Hawaiian Airlines!

It is normal to make a blunder while filling out the passenger's details when booking a flight. Or, there are times when travelers change their official names legally after booking a ticket. You do not have to worry about anything when you book a ticket from Hawaiian Airlines.

As per the Hawaiian Airlines name change policy, a traveler can make minor name changes after booking a flight. Need more information about the name change policy at Hawaiian Airlines? Dive into this article and find the upscale name change policy of Hawaiian Airlines!

The Name Change Policy of Hawaiian Airlines

Though Hawaiian Airlines allows travelers to make considerable changes in their name, you must qualify for the name change policy to process the change. If you look forward to making amendments to your ticket name, check out the given name change policy:

  • Hawaiian Airlines works closely with TSA guidelines, and as per the policy, you are allowed to make name changes, but it should match exactly with the government ID.
  • However, you must make the desired changes in your name before boarding the flight if you wish to avoid any inconveniences.
  • The airline understands that you might require the change due to any genuine reasons; that is why you can make the changes online using Hawaiian Airlines' official website.
  • To make name changes, a traveler must submit any of the following documents as proof-

1.    Marriage Certificates

2.    Court Orders

3.    Decree of Divorce

4.    Updated Passport

5.    Any other Legal Document

So, before you understand the Hawaiian Airlines name change fee, you must comply with the name change terms and conditions. The name change fees depend on the fare type you purchase from the airline; keep reading to find more information!

Name Change Fee Conditions of Hawaiian Airlines

There are some service charges that you must pay if you want to make corrections in your name on the Hawaiian Airlines ticket:

  • When you visit the online website of Hawaiian Airlines to make changes in your name, the fees imposed depend on the fare condition applied when you booked the same ticket.
  • Also, if you make changes using the Hawaiian Airlines customer service, you might have to pay the administration charges along with the name change fees.
  • You can skip paying the name change charges if you complete the formalities within a day of the ticket booking at Hawaiian Airlines.
  • Lastly, if you purchased the ticket from a third-party consolidator, you need to pay the service fee of $25 against the name change fee.

So, Hawaiian Airlines change the name on the ticket only if you qualify for standard terms and conditions as set across by the airline. However, if you face trouble making the amendments, you can contact Hawaiian Airlines travel consolidators. The agents provide easy-to-understand guidance, and they can process the name change formalities on your behalf!

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